Making fix & flips happen.

Our average fix & flip payoff results in $33,572 profit for our borrowers. Are you next?

Find discounted properties.

Whether you’re a face-to-face talker or you embrace technology, we have property-finding strategies that will fit your personality. With downloadable resources, training videos, and cutting-edge software, finding your next fix & flip deal can’t get easier than this.

Market to motivated sellers.

We’ve got dozens of strategies for marketing to motivated sellers. It’s up to you to pick a few and run with them..

Estimate and value your deal.

One of the most important real estate investing skills is the ability to estimate costs and values of the property before you place an offer. The faster and more accurate you are, the quicker you can walk away from bad deals and jump into good ones. Our training modules and multiple software will keep you on track and moving quickly.

Meet Ed.

Here’s one of our borrowers who finished his project in just three months and pocketed $60,000

Negotiate more profit.

Sometimes those pesky inspections or rehab bids reveal higher costs than you anticipated. Whatever you do, don’t walk away from the deal—we’ll show you how to get the price you need to make the deal work more often than not.

Rehab the property.

If finding good deals is where you make money, then this is most often where you lose it. This step has the most moving parts and the most complicated processes. That’s why you’ll have a former general contractor as your project manager that you can call or text anytime for anything. They’ll even help vet your contractor’s rehab bids to make sure you’re not being overcharged.

Resell your flip

Our motto: get your profit and move on. We know all the tricks in the book for selling your flip fast, including incentives, price moves, and picking a real estate agent. Don’t let holding costs eat into your profit.

Fund your deal.

The Find-Fund-Flip System is designed to help you find the exact types of deals that qualify for our loan programs, especially our 100% financing loan. If you bring us good deals, we’ll do whatever we can to make it happen—even if you’re brand new and have low credit.

The premier system for completing fix & flip deals effortlessly.

Get prequalified today, whether you have a deal ready to go or you’re just starting out.