Watch Paula Profit $60k on Her Flip with Do Hard Money

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My favorite part of being a fix & flip coach as well as a hard money lender is helping someone break in to the industry with their first-ever flip!

That’s lifechanging.

Sure, I could help people who do 10 flips a year scale that to 100, but they’re already well on their way. To teach someone who’s looking for a way out, for just a way to pay their bills… that’s where the true joy of this comes from.

That’s why most of my students have never flipped a single home before. I look for those people and invite them to flip a home with me.

But… there’s something even better than helping someone flip their first home.

It’s helping someone flip their first… and their second… and even their third! It means that person is well on their way to financial freedom. Life-changing profit is already happening for that person

Just like Paula:

“Do Hard Money gave me the opportunity for my first flip, which was a really huge deal, and that led to the second, and now I’m on my third.”

“They really do give you all the tools you need and give you the opportunity to jump in this business.”

She’s someone I feel like we’ve made a difference for. She said it best:

“Do it, don’t hesitate.”

How do we help someone like Paula start flipping homes when she no prior experience before coming to us? It’s by providing every possible resource she could need – from in-depth training, to done-for-you marketing resources, to funding.

I’d love to see your testimonial video 6 months from now. If you’d like some one-on-one help to flipping your first (or third, like Paula) property, then click the button below, and let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together!