My 6 favorite Places to Leave Fix & Flip Flyers or Cards

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Sure, you’d rather drop $1,000 or more on high quality leads that convert at 10% – 20%, but that’s not a reality for most people trying to find discounted properties!

In fact, maybe my favorite part of real estate investing is that ANYONE can jump in, work hard, and build a new life for themselves. You don’t need a massive budget or an army of people working for you. You don’t have to come in with a network of important people who can refer leads to you.

Those things will come later, after you’ve gotten down in the trenches, put in the hard work, and flipped several homes first.

Sure it’s time consuming without a great return, but you need to just get in the game. Most people quit after a week because they haven’t found any properties yet! That’s insane – you’re expecting to earn $20k or more on a deal, so expect to work hard.

Leveraging systems, resources, and people all come later.

For now? Get to work putting business cards, signs, and flyers in these locations!

  1. Door Hangers – I know, it seems old-fashioned… but with a very simple message like “We Buy Houses,” you only need someone’s attention for a split-second to pique their interest.
  2. Corkboard Posts – Go to your grocery store, the gym, churches, gyms, college campuses, and anywhere else you can think of and pin your flyer right where everyone sees it!
  3. Cars – The people most likely to sell are the ones in rough or transition times in their lives… so when I used to do this strategy, I’d do it at payday loan or other short-term loan places. Can you think of other stores, locations, or events where you can find people who might be in a transitional period?
  4. Vacant Homes – You better believe that whoever owns that property wants to get something for it… and you can help!
  5. Sponsor a Local Event – Less pricey than you think! For a couple hundred bucks, you can often get your name to show up at an event. By itself, you probably won’t get any leads, but what if someone goes to that event, and then goes home and finds your door hanger? They’re much more likely to remember you. The name of the game is exposure across multiple mediums.
  6. Moving Truck Rentals – A good number of people ready to move haven’t been able to sell their previous home yet! Arrange a deal so that you can put flyers inside the trucks and at the front desk, and you’ll pay them a referral for any properties you purchase. Easy and cheap!

It’s time to get to work and get your name out there!

These are just a few of the finding strategies out there – In fact, I have multiple trainings that teach dozens of strategies. If you’re ready for more advanced strategies and to learn how to buy properties using other people’s money, click below!