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Finding houses to flip is one of the first hurdles for new investors. It is one we see derail  promising real estate investors time and again. And that is why we have developed so many resources to help them get back on track.

Because flipping requires a specific type of property just jumping on the MLS or looking at foreclosed properties won’t cut it. These kinds of deeply discounted properties usually are not found there.

And let’s get real. Rehabbing and flipping a house isn’t really like what you see on TV. Sure they show some “drama” – but they’ve not shown that it took over a month to look at 100 properties to find this one. They also don’t really talk about how they determined that it would be profitable. They don’t show the efforts put into finding a buyer.  Some of those shows are not really about flipping anyway, many of them focus so much on the renovation and design. Because it is fun to watch the transformation, and after all, they’re making their profit from the show, not necessarily from the real estate investment.

Completing a profitable flip starts with how much you pay, not just for the house, but for the right kind of house. Enter Our team of real estate professionals is passionate about opening the door to financial freedom for our members and borrowers.

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