Find Motivated Real Estate Sellers

The confidence to find profitable deals endlessly and repeatedly.

Finding sellers is the foundational skill of real estate investing.

We learned years ago that the better you are at finding properties, the more deals you’ll bring us to fund. It’s a simple idea, but one we’ve really taken to heart. The core of our Find-Fund-Flip system is based on the idea that you need to master one skill first: finding motivated sellers. If you can’t do this, then nothing else matters.

If you’re able to find a property with $50,000 in potential profit, then you (with our help) will figure everything else out. It’s actually finding those deals in the first place that trips up 99% of real estate investors.

Inside our system, you’ll never have trouble finding motivated sellers again.

The four prerequisites of a great deal.


We’ll teach you to find property owners who are ready to sell. This usually means people going through a big life change, such as a divorce, inheritance, fed up with being a landlord, the property is vacant, and many more.

You’re not taking advantage of a bad situation—you’re creating a mutually beneficial solution where you both walk away with cash.


In almost every case, the owner must sell the property at a discounted rate in order for you to flip it for profit. Without motivation and without equity, there’s a zero percent chance they’ll give you a discount.


This is the difference between what the property is worth and what the owner can sell it for. If they have less than $50k equity, they’re unlikely to give you the property at a price where you can make a profit.


Finding deals on the MLS is the strategy of choice for unsuccessful investors. With so much competition and very few willing to give discounts, it’s a losing strategy. We’ll teach you to find off-market properties with zero competition.

Investor’s Edge

The solution to finding more deals than you can handle.

This software forms the core of our deal-finding strategy. With access to over 160 million properties, you can pull a targeted list of potentially motivated sellers in the area of your choice. You can filter by equity, foreclosures, liens, vacancies, non-owner occupied, bankruptcies, and much more.

In other words, it’s your secret weapon to finding off-market properties with equity, owned by sellers likely to be highly motivated and ready to offer discounts.

Finding sellers used to be complicated and time-consuming to everyone but rich investors with limitless resources. Not anymore. Investor’s Edge comes standard in the Find-Fund-Flip System because when you find deals we both win.

World-class finding, evaluating, and funding resources, all at your fingertips.

Build a deal-finding network.

Whether it’s with a mortgage broker, probate attorney, or a general contractor, we’ll teach you to build relationships with over 20+ industry experts who can pass you deal after deal.

Rely on Investor’s Edge to get you finding deals fast, but then build a referral network to find motivated sellers primed to trust you. This combination will sustain your flipping empire as you grow to whatever size you imagine. We’ll show you how.

Deals ready to be funded.

Our goal is to help you find properties that we’re ready and willing to lend on. Gone are the days of thinking you have funding lined up, only for the lender to pull out without so much as a reason why.

If you follow our transparent guidelines, you’ll know if that property you’re targeting will qualify for our funding—especially our unique 100% Financing Loan program.