Real Estate Investing Made Easier

The Find-Fund-Flip Live gives you the both the essentials as well as a deep-dive into the world of real estate investment. The system provides an in-depth, comprehensive and actionable approach that includes an interactive task list with tons of valuable easy-to-access tools and resources. The modules also allow you to track your progress so you’re never left guessing. It’s a simple, interactive and immersive experience that turns you into a true real estate investment professional and ultimately allows you to reach your financial goals.

What’s Included?

Find-Fund-Flip Live includes the strategies and systems through the accelerated experience, the tools you need to make offers and evaluate deals, the training you need to get the funding to do deals and to top it all off, the support you need so you’re not left alone at any stage of the process. We take you through our systemic approach of flipping a property with a completely hands-on, on-site experience. 

  • 3-Day Small-Group Experience

    Spend three days with other real estate investors in getting the full fix-and-flip hands-on experience.
  • On-Location Immersion

    Immerse yourself in the world of real estate investing by learning directly from your on-site mentor.
  • Rehab Project/Cost Planning

    Conduct a cost-benefit analysis of materials for a real-world rehab.
  • Real-World Finding

    Practice real-world strategies in finding actual properties in your local area.
  • Actual Property Valuing

    Learn how to value real properties and see what makes a deal profitable.
  • Face-to-Face Problem Solving

    The best real estate investors know how to solves problems. We prepare you for just about any issue that may arise.
  • Personal Property Site Visits

    We take you through actual properties that are investors are working on; both before, during and after the rehab process.

The Numbers

Less Risky
More Profitable
Less at Closing on Average

I couldn’t have done it without Do Hard Money…that’s the great thing about Do Hard Money, they’ve got a system that is tried and true, it’s proven.

Hunter W., System Member

Funding Features

  • 100% Hard Money Financing Available

    If your deal is good enough we’ll fund your purchase, rehab, points, interest, & closing costs.
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty

    When you complete your rehab ahead of schedule we refund you money and you make more profit.
  • No Payments for 5 Months

    We want you to keep the focus on completing rehab work, not worrying about making monthly payments.
  • No Credit or Experience Required

    You can still get a loan even with zero experience and a poor credit score.
  • No Minimum Down Payment

    No down payment when all your costs fit within 70% of the ARV.