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In the meantime, feel free to read more below about our Find-Fund-Flip System and see some of the incredible success stories from first-time flippers!
Quickly Find & Close Deals...
With a Time-Tested, Revolutionary SYSTEM For Finding, Funding, and Flipping Endless Off-Market Deals
We will PERSONALLY teach you our ENTIRE Find-Fund-Flip method proven to create Fix & Flip professionals
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You Are Most Likely A Few Tiny Changes Away From Effortlessly & Repeatedly Flipping Deal After Deal... But Do You Know What Those Tweaks Are?
"If You Follow The Steps, If You Follow The Program, If You Listen To Your Team, You're Not Going To Fail."
"For me to get a jump-start into the real estate world, I couldn't have done it without Do Hard Money."
"If you’re getting involved in [fix & flips], you need to have a team like Do Hard Money behind you."
"We'll Walk Away With $69,484."
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Do Hard Money Gave Me The Opportunity For My First Flip, Which Was A Really Huge Deal, And That Led To The Second, And Now I’m On My Third.”
"Do Hard Money [is] with you every step of the way, from getting the property evaluated to actually closing the loan, and then even throughout the renovation process. The support has been really great."

“Do it. Don’t hesitate. They really do give you all the tools you need and give you the opportunity to jump in this business.”

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"Do Hard Money Was Able To Get Us To Completion To The Purchase Of This House. They’re Just Amazing That They Come Alongside You, And Walk You Through And Navigate You Through This Process." 
"We had the support that we needed. Anytime we had a call, anytime we had an email and ask any questions, we got the responses immediately."

"They’ve been awesome, just keeping us on point, and walking us through the process."

If you could get the same results as just 1 of these fix & flippers above... would joining Find-Fund-Flip be worth it?

EVERYTHING we teach has been "street-tested" and proven thousands of times over... by us and by our members.... resulting in tens of millions in profit!

If you had access to every resource we've ever used to flip properties, could anything stop you from opening the floodgates?

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Why the Find-Fund-Flip System is...
Simply The Most POWERFUL System on the PLANET for Creating Fix & Flip Pros Who Close Massive Deals! 
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If you get enroll into Find-Fund-Flip, here's what happens...

1) First, we'll get you on a call with one of our Fix & Flip Experts to talk about YOUR unique business and needs. This is where we'll build the foundation to your success, like we have for thousands of members.

2) Then, we'll get you access to the back office, with literally ALL the tools and resources any fix & flipper needs to close as many deals as they can dream of. Scroll down to see more about what's inside.

3) Worksheets, homework assignments, templates, scripts, ad copy, fill-in-the-blank contracts... everything you could possibly need.

4) Want to wholesale a deal? Send us the details and we'll mail it out to our list - we almost always find a taker within hours.

5) Ongoing access to our team to help walk you through every step - from finding, to evaluating, to rehabbing, and eventually selling... we help with all of it!

If you're a serious real estate investor ready to flip more homes than ever before, then you're in the right place
Some More Deals Our Find-Fund-Flip Members Have Closed...
Inside Find-Fund-Flip You'll Get Access to...

Our Extensive Video Training Library, including...

“7 Secrets to 100% Financing” (33 minutes) – How we use OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY to close deal after deal… with you bringing no or very little cash to the closing table. (Pay attention to the one where you don’t need to borrow any money OR bring on a partner!)

“How Much Profit Should You Expect” (4 minutes) – Walking away from a deal without enough profit can save you from bankruptcy… and the years it takes to claw back from it.


“Professional Finding Strategies” (52 minutes) – Stop browsing the MLS or relying on real estate agents… I’ll show you my TOP deal-creating strategies to implement today (I’ll give you a hint: the VAST majority of deals I find are off-market).


“Wholesale 101” (56 minutes) – I recommend all new students start with wholesaling… fewer headaches, quicker payday, and a faster confidence boost. Perfect if you need an easy “cash boost”.


“How to Negotiate Like a Rock Star (4 minutes) – probably the most valuable on the Internet that’s under 5 minutes. My strategy is simple, yet it’s resulted in hundreds of thousands of profit across my career. (And maybe I shouldn’t admit this here… but it’s only ONE sentence)


“What To Do If There’s Meth or Mold” (5 minutes) – This is one of the many “nitty gritty details” videos. I like to train my students for as many contingencies as possible BEFORE they happen… so you’re not stuck like a deer in the highlights when these bumps in the road come.

 “Structuring the Deal” (35 minutes) – The secret sauce to a smooth deal with a massive check at the end.
You Also Get Access to Our Revolutionary 100% Financing Loan Options!

We won’t just teach you how to find deals, we’ll also fund those deals for you when you’re ready.

You see, most lenders out there won’t give you the time of day unless you have:

Excellent credit
At least 2 flips in the last 2 years
$30k - $50k down

But not us. We specialize in helping brand-new investors get started with less than $5,000 out of pocket – even if you have no experience and bad credit!

You see, we base our rates on the profitability of the deal, not on the credentials of the borrower. If you bring us a deal that works for you and us, we have no problem funding every last penny of your deal!

Now you don’t need a rich uncle or a trust fund to get started in real estate investing - just a little know-how and a company willing to work with new investors!

Ready to chat about your application? Call us now at 801-823-6087!

You'll Also Get Access To The Investor's Edge Software...
Watch Me Find & Market to Dozens of Potential Deals in my Zip Code... in 12 Minutes!
Our Deal-Finding Software Sorts Through 160 Million Property Records to Find You Only the Best Off-Market Deals!
Here Are Just SOME Of The Secrets You’ll Discover Inside Find-Fund-Flip That Most Fix & Flip Entrepreneurs Will NEVER Know!
Over 30 “street-tested” finding strategies that produce deals on demand (and many of them are completely autopilot!)

Access to our Advanced Deal Analysis that factors in dozens of factors and spits out whether you’ve got a profitable deal on your hands!


How to salvage deals most investors wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole! (This ability alone has helped me close dozens of deals).


My patented 3-part valuation process that virtually guarantees profit (most of my students push back on this… but then eventually see the light – and the profit).


My no-fail checklist for rehabbing your property. The key is to don’t go cheap… but don’t spend so much you lose your profit margin – I’ll show you EXACTLY how.


Why “stinky houses make me smile” is one of my catchphrases…


The secrets of 100% financing – how to get ALL of your deal funded (and not just the purchase price – the rehab and closing costs too!). This little-known tactic has been the foundation to closing thousands of deals between myself and my students.


My favorite 7-word phrase in the English language… because it’s added hundreds of thousands (if not millions) to my bottom line.


Why knowing how to handle a contractor is the MOST UNDERRATED skill to getting the deal over the finish line – and is a top reason deals fall through.


How to create and manage a team that finds deals for you – and only get paid when you do.

… and so much more!
More Find-Fund-Flip Members With MASSIVE Profit!

"I like the back office support and the personnel that I've been dealing with as far as managing this, helping me stay on task."

“Who your team is and how well you work together and communicate is very essential to how you move forward to get the project done.

“They were there with suggestions. They were there with advice. Their staff is great, really personable. They care about you and your project.”

"I've created freedom for myself and in that, I'm able to inspire and create freedom for other people."

"This is the company that you want to work with."

“I’m looking for upfront & straightforward. This is the company that you want to work with.”

“This is number one, first ever flip, and I do plan on working with Do Hard Money again.”

“They put everything in a step-by-step process on how we were going to complete this deal.”

“We talked a couple times a week all the way through, and after closing I’m in contact with our project manager at least a few times a week.”

"I know for a fact I wouldn't have been able to complete my first real estate flip without Do Hard Money."

If you're serious about flipping your first (or next!) property in the next 90 days, then you're in the right place.

Just be sure to pick up the phone or return our call...

Find-Fund-Flip is for real estate investors who are brand new or who'd like to increase the number of flips they're currently doing.

Our system is not for you if...

- You're not willing to listen to a coach or implement proven strategies...

- You aren't someone who pushes through adversity...

- You aren't willing to be a problem-solver (those new to fix & flips quickly learn that this is what the industry is REALLY about)...

- You don't have time set aside each week for finding new leads...

- You aren't willing to invest a little bit of money in yourself and your business...

On the other hand, this system is PERFECT for you if...

- You want to learn how to repeatedly find the BEST deals in your area...

- You want to work directly with the most successful group of fix & flippers in the nation.

- You want to add your success story to the hundreds (maybe thousands) we have on file.

- You want to learn from a legitimate company with a track record of success (that's our executive team above, celebrating our Inc. 5000 nomination).

We created this system for one SINGLE reason... to create fix & flip pros. We'll show you how to get that first deal (and open the floodgates) or exponentially increase your deals no matter where you are now.

If you're saying to yourself right now...
"Yes! I Want To Join Your Find-Fund-Flip System Right NOW"

Then Here's What Comes Next...

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You've already filled out an application, and the next step is to have a conversation to further discover your needs.

We just want to know if we're going to be a good fit for you.

To be blunt, we're picky about who we work with. If you're not seriously motivated to flip homes, then we're going to pass on your application. We're here to teach you how to flip homes, and we'll be there every step of the way.... but you still need to do your part to make this happen.

If approved, then we'll move forward and seriously discuss with you what our program entail, and if we both decide it's right, we'll enroll you into our Find-Fund-Flip System!

Want to chat about your application now? 

Call us at 801-823-6087!

The Find-Fund-Flip System Was Created By Ryan G. Wright
Ryan is a serial multi-millionaire real estate entrepreneur with over 17 years as a celebrated, sought after advisor. He's personally flipped hundreds of properties and has taught tens of thousands of real estate investors his proven strategies. His systematic house-flipping formula results in average profits of $39,714 per paid off deal, with average cash-to-close of $2,183. Ryan is the CEO of, a real estate education platform and hard money lender.

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