Extra! Do Hard Money Whipps into Shape – Competition Gets Creamed

Do Hard Money is quite serious about maintaining customer satisfaction. In fact, we’re so dedicated to our borrowers’ success that we’ll voluntarily shove our faces into giant plates of whipped cream. Can you say the same about other hard money lenders?

In addition to helping you set and accomplish your financial goals, Do Hard Money set a company-wide, themed goal structure built around helping you open the door to financial freedom. Our theme for this quarter is “Race to the Finish!” Once we accomplish a set goal, we celebrate with a fun company activity. This week’s activity was a whipped cream race; the first to find the tiny race car hidden in the plate of whipped cream wins the game. The catch?… You can only use your face. Our winner was Michelle from the DHM evaluation coordinator team.

Putting in some delicious “face time” with whipped cream reminds us of the importance of putting in face time with our VIPs – our borrowers. We treat every client working with Do Hard Money like a rock star, with personalized attention and guided support from every member of the Do Hard Money family. Our team helps all of our borrowers race to the finish, snagging amazing deals quickly, ahead of the competition. We also help them finish their rehabs strong and sell fast on the MLS.

In addition to providing investment directors, associates, account advisors and loan coordinators, Do Hard Money gives access to a personal project manager for every funded deal. First, this project manager helps keep the rehab on-schedule so you don’t have to worry about dealing with any tardy contractors. Next, the project manager will help keep your rehab on-budget so you don’t have to fear facing a mountain of additional costs. As a result of our funding and unparalleled customer support, our borrowers achieve an average of $30k profit per deal!

Check out some fun pictures of our first Race to the Finish event below!


In your race to find, fund and flip profitable real estate investment properties, Do Hard Money is the team to get you across that finish line in first place. We keep the process running smooth and help you overcome any obstacles to keep you on track. Ready to start your next deal? Great! We can help you achieve huge profits in just a few months time!

You can start this adventure in a variety of ways. First, you can click on this link to schedule your appointment with our investment associates. We’ll help you set up a profile so you can hit the ground running right away in finding lucrative properties. We’ll also give you access to a vast resource of investment tips and tools designed to sharpen your REI skills. You’ll learn the best places to find properties, what to rehab and how to market your property to sell fast, among dozens of other essential skills.

You can also call us at 801.948.9774. Investment associates are standing by, ready to help you open the door to financial freedom. Finally, if you already have a property in mind, we can help you receive pre-qualification for your loan asap. Just fill in the yellow ‘GET PRE-QUALIFIED’ box on the right. Schedule your appointment today!