Estimate Property Rehab Costs

Get the accurate data you need to make decisions on your real estate investments.

Pinpoint your costs.

The biggest variable when calculating your fix & flip profit comes down to your rehab estimates. Using our tools, training, and our experienced project managers, you’ll quickly nail down accurate values.

We’ll help you keep the surprises to a minimum and your expected profits high.

Speed and accuracy.

After you find a potential deal and a motivated seller, you need to quickly put together your values in order to place an offer.

In addition to calculating the after repair value, we’ll teach you to do rough, on-the-spot rehab cost estimates for any property you’re interested in. You’ll beat others to the punch that are waiting for contractors to give firm bids.

Our borrowers average $33,578 per closed deal.

Rock-solid contractor bids.

Gone are the days of being nickel-and-dimed by your contractor or misunderstandings popping up about what you wanted. With our Contractor Rehab Estimate form, you’ll fill out a sheet with your contractor where every possible project cost is itemized, line by line.

After you put the property under contract, you’ll bring your contractor out with this sheet in hand and move ahead with confidence.

Confirm your values.

We realize that new investors are at the mercy of their contractors when it comes to pricing out projects. We say no more. You’ll be assigned a former general contractor to be your project manager during the rehab process.

They’ll do a virtual walkthrough of the property with you and your contractor as well as review the pricing for every item on your rehab list. They won’t stop fighting for you until all the values are fair. This process is too important to be left up to chance.

World-class finding, evaluating, and funding resources, all at your fingertips.

Cutting-edge rehab cost calculator.

While it won’t replace a contractor estimate, you can use our cost calculator to help you get a better idea of your pre-offer estimate. It will look at the location, materials, and labor costs, and allows you to select entire projects like a bathroom or kitchen remodel.

Move forward with your project confident your rehab values are nearly spot-on.