Find the right property
As part of our membership you'll have access to the "Investor's Edge". This will let you ultra-filter properties that fit the portfolio needed, calculate a rehab cost, and even project the sale profit!
Get the deal funded (up to 100%)
Passing the baton has never been easier. There's nothing more exciting that finding the right funding from the right partner (us) and getting the funding in as little as 14 days.
Flip and profit
It's your time to shine! After rehabilitation you get to see some profit. $33,578 is the average profit for our borrower who complete a fix & flip.
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We Fund Deals up to 100%

We love funding no and low cash to close deals. It is one of the reasons we decided to become a private money lender. It's also exciting when one of our members is able to locate this type of deal. The tools and resources provided with The Find-Fund-Flip Financing System give you both the essentials as well as a deep-dive into the world of real estate investment.

Stay Connected
Do Hard Money is the king of investment real estate loans. With our expertise, we can get clients the funding they need within 48 hours (or less). These loans can go for up to 6 months and can include no payments for up to 4 months! With us, it’s possible to reach 100% financing on your loan, making us a great partner for first-time investors looking to get a taste of the industry.