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The #1 Way We Find Deals

In order to compete, you need a reliable way to find discounted properties with owners willing to sell. Otherwise, investors with more experience, more money, and better resources will beat you to the deal every time.

We’ve leveled the playing field. Welcome to the Driving for Dollars app, the solution to finding low competition, high profit deals right from your phone. Our app pulls from databases from across the country to give you detailed information for over 160 million properties across the US.

The app helps you decide where to look for deals, and then keeps track of where you’ve been. Once you find a property that looks vacant or in disrepair, quickly pull it up to see if it’s worth your time. A few more clicks and you can send a postcard and voice broadcast.

There’s a reason this is the #1 way we teach our members to find deals.

What’s driving for dollars?

Driving for Dollars is a low-cost, effective way to find fix & flip deals. Your goal is to find discounted properties owned by motivated sellers – meaning that vacant or broken-down properties are some of your best sources for leads.

With this strategy, you drive around neighborhoods and then market to any properties that look like potential fix & flip deals. With our app, we’ve taken a tried-and-true strategy and made it more effective, efficient, and profitable.

The power of Investor’s Edge.

A few years ago, we unveiled the world’s most powerful deal-finding software. With the ability to sort, save, and instantly market, our members no longer had problems finding potential deals.

We’ve taken things one step further. Everything that our Investor’s Edge users love is now available in the Driving for Dollars app—from unparalleled filters, to saved searches, to instant notifications. Never miss out on a deal again, even if you’re on-the-go.

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Lower competition, higher profit.

The secret to finding deals is to look where no one else is looking. If you’re searching on the MLS, you’ll experience too much competition with prices that are too high. It’s not a sustainable way to find deals.

That’s why off-market deals are your ticket to competing. With the Driving for Dollars app, you’ll find deals that you find with your own two eyes—not because they’re in a database accessible to many.

Say hello to zero competition.

Motivated sellers call you.

You’re more than welcome to cold-call the owner or knock their door (which are actually more effective strategies than you’d think), but we often take a different approach.

Mark in the app each property to target as you find them. Once you get home, with one push you can send postcards or voice broadcasts to all of them at once. When they reach out, you know that almost every person you talk to is likely to be a motivated seller. Fewer headaches, more efficiency.

Bring us your deals.

The heart of our business is lending money for deals. Once you find a deal worth pursuing, come to us, and we’ll fund up to 100% of the purchase price, rehab costs, and any other closing costs for good deals. We have members close deals without bringing a penny of their own money to the closing table. That’s not a typo.

Finding deals is now simple, predictable, and inexpensive.

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