Reviews From Real Customers

Below you”ll find reviews, feedback and testimonials from real Do Hard Money customers, members and borrowers. It is our goal to help open the door to financial freedom for our valued members and borrowers and receiving the positive feedback after a borrower has successfully completed a deal makes it all worth it for us.


Beautiful Illinois Property Flip

“You know, the classic line is, if it was easy, everybody would be doing it. It’s not easy at all, but having the right resources and tools available to you makes it possible to get these things done. “

Andrea C.

Projected $50-$60k Profit

“I plan on doing a complete cosmetic rehab to this property “

Edwin G.

Projected $70k Profit

“The level of expertise that Do Hard Money have, and the quality of people they have. “

Andre C.

Projected $45-$50k Profit

“This is number one, first ever flip. And I do plan on working with Do Hard Money again. “

Jack W.

Projected $65-$80k Profit

“I am sitting here as proof working on a project that I believed in since the get go, and they helped make that possible. “

Charlotte T.

Washington State Property Flip “Saved” by DHM

“The most important thing I’ve learned is don’t give up. Follow through to the end, and this is what you’ll get. A final completed project, and of course your profit. “


Great Wholesale Real Estate Deal

“I would recommend Do Hard Money. They had a great support team, that’s why I chose them. “

Latrelle H..

Illinois Investment

“Having the right resources and tools available to you makes it possible to get these things done”

Hunter W.

No Cash To Close

“Use the system”

Will and Natasha B.

Great Indiana Fix and Flip

“We had the support that we needed”

Laura R.

Net Profit: Above $56,000

“We should have a net profit of about $56,000. made this flip possible for us, we would not have been able to come up with the money fast enough to complete the deal without them. Thank you you’ve been awesome!”

John R & Dave W.

Net Profit: Above $17,000

“This property will net us about $17,000. After you know what your ARV is and you know what your potential profit is the next thing you need to do is to call Do Hard Money. The rest will take care of itself.”

Jesse J.

Net Profit: Above $50,000

“Do Hard Money put the deal together pretty quick which allowed me to avoid losing it. Most Hard Money Lenders want a big cash outlay to be able to put the deal together, Do Hard Money financed on the house plus they loaned the money to do the repairs on the house. They could fund the loan in 10 days just like they said they would. They tell you how their program works and then they follow that program to a ‘T.’. I couldn’t have done it without them, this property will make me $50,000 net profit.”

Nathaniel G.

Net Profit: Above $20,000

“I expect to Net above $20,000 for this property. DoHardMoney provided me with a lot of the resources I needed, they gave me the money and put me in touch with the right people. Anyone looking to get into real estate investing, DoHardMoney is the best place to get started.”

Peter K.

Net Profit: $14,160

“They made it easy for us to come up with a large sum of money very quickly [They] really expedited the process and they eliminated all closing fees We netted $14,160 on our first deal, not a Home Run, but it was a quick hitter¦ DoHardMoney was fantastic; it was a quick, speedy process We have money behind the machine and that’s a big deal in this business.”

Larry H.

Net Profit: Above $27,000

“I was not about to go to work at Wal-Mart greeting people at the door I asked myself, How in the heck can I get into this business without any cash to float? That was when I was introduced to DHM, Total financing on a project, that’s the deal I got I recommend DoHardMoney to any investor that wants to grow.”

Lee S.

Net Profit: Above $25,000 & $36,000

“I needed something that was flexible that would allow me to stay home with my kids… I’m a member of their Diamond program which has saved me a lot of money… you are my Godsend… On two properties through them I expect to net $25,000 and $36,000.”

Casey C.

Net Profit: Above $36,400

“I’ve done deals with these guys and they are conservative with their estimates, because if you’re not, you will surely lose money. I’ve done four rehabs and the two I did with Do Hard Money actually made money.”

Theodore G.

Net Profit: Above $37,000

“We want to thank DHM for helping us out…providing us with the financing to be able to live out one of our dreams, which is renovating properties.”

Aisha S. & John M.

Net Profit: Above $22,500

“We completed our first deal with Do Hard Money and now have a rehabbed property currently on the market. Once you understand the process, it’s smooth sailing. I will definitely use Do Hard Money again.”

Customer Reviews

“Because of Do Hard Money, working with them and how great they’ve been to me, I’m going to be able to actually reach my goals.”

What They’re Saying on BiggerPockets

“Just a response to the question if DHM is a legitimate company. Yes, they are a legitimate company. I am in the process of doing a deal now with them and they did fund my deal…The software program they have makes it easy to figure out where you need to be with the funding. It pretty much takes the guesswork out of it.”

Deurward C.

“I am an investor and just finished my first deal through Do Hard Money and made a profit of $12,800 by flipping a property. I must say that my experience with this company was very good. I got answers to all my questions and got very professional advice. Most importantly, they kept their promises and I was aware of all my costs and charges right from the beginning. This deal was a win-win situation and all of us made a nice profit.”

Howard R.

What They’re Saying on Facebook

“Love these guys. Nothing but the best. I have never had a complaint. Do Hard Money rocks!”

Dave D.

“I am an up-and-coming investor and Do Hard Money made me feel like a real estate mogul on my very first flip.”

Marquita H.

“For those of you who have anything negative to say about DHM, I can tell you that you’re 100% wrong. It’s not easy to flip houses and it still requires an enormous amount of work, systems, processes, etc. I’m not getting paid for endorsing DHM, but if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t still be in this industry. Hard money ain’t cheap, but for many flippers it’s the only way to start flipping homes. DHM is the best in the game.”

Casey C.

“Used these guys for a recent rehab in Chicago. They were absolutely great from start to finish! We would definitely use them again.”

Torrence D.

“o all the haters:
I’ve been investing since 97’. You brokers will see I have a Managing Brokers license in Illinois. Highest real estate license you can obtain. I also have had MLO licenses in 3 states which can be verified on the NMLS 231725.
I found a house put it under contract.
Sent my $3,000 and went into the deal.

Ordered the property inspection -$650 from deposit made. Once that came back good I received my LOI and went into processing. About 8 days later we close the deal. That was last Thursday 05/10/18.
Even got 10% of the scope draw ACH deposited into my account. Demo starts tomorrow.

If you’re serious about flipping in the greater Chicagoland area. Hit me I can partner with you and we have the contractors part down pat as well.

Thank you DHM and Sean Smith and Cary!
Looking for more properties now”

Kyle R.

Customer Quote Corner

“I must say; it is not often that a program agreement made on the internet turns out to be all it is promoted to be and then some. When I initially spoke with Ryan, I could tell he was an upstanding guy and I felt very comfortable. The videos available on the website are informative and straight-up, not full of hype. Thanks DHM, I am excited to find my first deal and I hope it will be the start of a long and prosperous business relationship.”

-Anthony M.

“Wanda has been wonderful to work with. Our contractor left us with a horrible situation and Wanda basically single-handedly fixed the situation for us so that we could pull another permit. If she had not helped us, we would have been stuck with a house we couldn’t sell or paying a lawyer to fight the battle because code enforcement had dug in their heels with us.”

-Carolyn B.

“I am overwhelmed at the support I’ve received from Do Hard Money. I didn’t have any idea a lender like this existed. Not only did they greatly exceed my expectations on the line of credit I received and immediate access to proof of funds letters, but they are genuinely concerned with seeing me be successful. They gave so much useful information and left no stone unturned.”

-Eric W.

“I am extremely satisfied with the support I received. I received confirmation immediately and then the response was less than an hour afterwards. My account advisor Janitsa has been very accurate calling for our appointments and is extremely knowledgeable. The system supplied me with tools to assist me in making better decisions.”

-Ted C.

“Very professional and informative. I like the fact that they were honest and upfront about how the process works and what to expect. There was no pressure to apply for other products. Eager to put this system to the test.”

-Julius D.

“I feel that any question that I may have or any assistance that I need, they will fully help me. Helped me push for my goals…I love that!”

-Roderick R.

“The support was great. A response within an hour and contact with personal assistance to see my loan through, not an auto-generated reply.”

-Morgan F.

“Everyone I have spoken with has been knowledgeable, helpful, and followed up with answers to my questions. Great job and thank you!”

-Brian C.

“I am satisfied with the knowledge that I received. I will be referring my investors to you.”

-Jaclyn S.

“Everything was perfect. I really appreciate DoHardMoney for all your services.”

-Sevket C.

“Everyone I have talked with at Do Hard Money is friendly and professional!”

-Brad S.

“My consultant was very helpful in providing information for the deal.!”

-James S.

“I feel confident in the next step…Purchasing this property!”

-James S.

“A prompt response and a timely appointment made and kept.”

-Tony T.

“It was not only good…It was EXCELLENT. Thanks so very much.”

-Eric H.

“Great work and thank you for going the extra mile!”

-Angela J.

“Spectacular in every way!!”

-Jeremy J.

“Very satisfied. Always there when needed.”

-Annette L.

“Service has been fast and helpful.”

-Aaron L.

“Very well satisfied, thank you.”

-Raymond M.

“Prompt and knowledgeable.”

-Kanya M.

“This is my first BPO performed for Do Hard Money. I was able to get clarification on several items I was not clear about. ”

-Jesse A.

“Response time from the time my email was sent was very good.”

-Monica A.

“Thank you for your timely response. I like the way everything is set up. I wasted a lot of money trying to enter this game. It looks like this was a smart investment. Thanks for being a good business.”

-Brandon W.

“Good morning, gentlemen. I’ve been busy listening to your program and I’m finally starting to understand what I’ve been missing with the program that I purchased from a competitor. Without your help, I don’t think I would have been able to put the missing pieces together and make it work. I’m a slow learner, but give me a chance. This is what I’ve always been looking for and with your team and guidance this will work right. Thank you.”

-Ron R.

“Ryan… You and your staff have been great to work with over the past few years. I would highly recommend anyone to you. You are tough about the numbers but they all worked out in my favor and for that, I am greatly appreciative. I hope to do much more business with you in the future.”

-Les W.

“Thank you, Mr. Ryan G. Wright, for the book I received today. It is definitely a page-turner…did not put it down until I was finished, and then I went through it again.”

-Bryan F.

“We have been doing mortgages for over 15 years…We are extremely pleased with DHM and with your excellent, professional, fast and responsive service.”

-Cally H.

“Do hard money has been a great asset to us throughout our lending process. We truly appreciate their great cooperation and work ethic. Do Hard Money has met all of our quality standards for lending to real estate investors. They are also simply great people to work with, offering outstanding customer service. Again, thanks!”

-Adrena R.

“Thank you so much for your excellent service and for approaching the property for the loan. I am so excited…and my real estate coaches are so proud! Even the seller said he chose me over another bid because of the way I do business. I will have to ask for details…but in any case, I am on the right track. Very encouraging. But I do not think I could be doing it without Do Hard Money. Thanks – you’ve been stellar!”

-Laurene H.

“We have done 2 deals (so far!) and are amazed at how easy it has been to get hard money when we needed it and the best of all – no monthly payments!”


“Great support! Janitsa spent the time with me to go through the DoHardMoney process since this was my first loan application. Gave me some great tips for working future deals.”

-Kenneth G.

“Everything is great so far. Signed my first contract, now waiting on sellers to sign. I’m excited and ready to change my way of life thanks to DoHardMoney.”

-Jeff C.

“I had an excellent experience on all steps with the whole team. I got quick answers all the time. You can definitely trust them on what they say.”

-IW Investment

“Sent out the same data to three other groups and your response is the only one I got back. Thanks, I will send more specific numbers for your review.”

-Redgie C.

“The support was outstanding, far better than most companies. Keep up the good work. Your support makes working with you a pleasure.”

-Tim N.

“Very impressed by your service! A lot better than other companies. In service, I would give your firm a 10++++ Communication was great!”

-Cheryl L.

“The staff was friendly and moved very quickly to the table. We are doing a couple of deals – so far, so good.”

-Dean R.

“DHM support is second to none!! Very straightforward, prompt, courteous and knowledgeable!”

-Robert M.

“It was great and organized. Concise, to the point and arranged to assist the borrower.”

-Uloaku A.

“I got great support. The staff is super and I’m proud to be your client.”

-Ayodele H.

“The reply was very fast and the answer was direct and detailed…Thank you!”

-McFair Homes

“Thank you for working with me. I look forward to a successful relationship.”

-John H.

“I was taken care of right away and I appreciate that. Good job! Thank you!”

-Claudia H.

“I’ve had no bad experiences from Do Hard Money. They’re there always when needed.”

-Jeff C.

“As always, everything was handled in a timely and professional manner.”

-Earl M.

“It was reassuring to speak with a competent professional. Thank you.”

-Peter G.

“Very helpful, fast and clear answers. AWESOME JOB!! I love it!!”

-Glenda C.

“I always get good care. They’re very good with helping me with questions.”

-Coray C.

“The answers and suggestions always put you on a good path.”

-Diann D.

“Phenomenal to say the least…you guys truly are family.”

-David B.

“I receive nothing but great service from Do Hard Money.”

-Kimberly G.

“The quality of support I have received is priceless.”

-Sutherland Houses

“Your staff was excellent and very professional.”

-Derek W.

“Everyone I have talked to or emailed has been great. Thank you!”

-Ted C.

“Love this program.”

-James B.

“Thank you. We would like more deals and would like to close this next week on our current deals. Thank you!”

-Angela J.

“The question was answered in a timely fashion. I really appreciate your support.”

-Julius B.

“Thank you, too. You guys have treated me so well. I am happy with your service, so I will definitely use you again as soon as possible.”

-Meredith A.

“Hi and thank you for always giving us some sound advice. I truly cherish you for taking the time to reach out to us.”

-Heidi H.

“Hi Ryan. I have purchased your system and have been digging into it. I’m trying to swallow as much info as I can. So far, so good. Keep up the good work.”

-Aymar B.

“Whenever we’ve needed to set up private funding for a project, you’ve made it easy for our company to do our acquisitions. Do Hard Money is my first choice whenever we require hard money lending services.”

-Christopher A.

“You all really did come through for us and made this a very easy and painless transition. Even though the delay was on our end, you still pulled this off and made it happen. Again, I cannot thank you enough for making this happen so quickly.”

-Diane H

“I appreciate how easy it is to work with you and! Thanks again.”

-Michael C.

“On behalf of me and my company, we would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to do business with your company. Your efficiency and professionalism are what I was looking for in a hard money company. Again, thanks for making a difference.”

-Adanne B.

“Whenever I have a deal in the works, I send it to these guys and they fund 100% of the purchase price. It saves me a lot of time and hassle and they know their stuff.”


“I have flipped several properties using their money and have been very satisfied with the quality of service and no monthly payments.”


“Amazing experience! You simply can’t lose. If you follow the instructions of your account advisor, you WILL make tons of money. Their ‘fill in the blank’ worksheets do all the calculations for you. You know ahead of time, whether you are making a good purchase or not. I was a beginner and they made the process fun, profitable and eliminated the risk that I was not willing to take. I can’t wait to do another flip!”

-Lynn M.

“I am overwhelmed at the support I’ve received from Do Hard Money. I didn’t have any idea a lender like this existed. Not only did they greatly exceed my expectations on the line of credit I received and immediate access to proof of funds letters, but they are genuinely concerned with seeing me be successful. They gave so much useful information and left no stone unturned.”

-David M.

“The customer service all around is impeccable. All companies have certain procedures that the employees have to follow. So, when I was in an unexpected deal, all parties involved were very accommodating. I can feel that the people at DHM really are concerned to help someone to the best of their ability. Outstanding customer service.”

-Sandra H.

“Amanda and Richard went far and beyond in one day to make my deal go as smoothly as possible! I could not have asked for a better team. Thanks ladies and gentlemen for bringing you’re a game every day!”

-Lebryant S.

“DHM was a joy to work with. They were flexible, timely, and they did what they promised they would do even when our project ran longer than expected due to contractor issues. We would definitely recommend them to other investors looking to fund their rehab.”

-Tony S.

“The young lady was very nice and helpful. She did not make me feel rushed or like she had other things better to do than being on the line with me. I really appreciated her time.”

-Florence M.

“I am hoping this will be the first deal of many to come. I need a one-stop shop with good rates and I will bring you all the business you can handle.”

-Finesse Investments

“I believe you and your colleagues went above and beyond to ensure that our deal made it to the settlement table today! I greatly appreciate your diligence and your commitment to your profession.”

-Jeff C.

“Agents responded to my questions quickly and gave me an opportunity to find out if a deal would work for me and the company. Thank you for your time.”

-Johnson House

“DHM is very detailed when providing me with information needed to complete buying properties. Step-by-step, it’s great working with DHM.”

-William P.

“As far as I’m concerned, DHM does it right! I’m excited to do business with you guys moving forward.”

-Rivera Real Investments

“So far it’s been an amazing experience! I’m looking forward to another sweet deal!”

-Lynn M.

“Everyone has been super helpful and I look forward to working with you guys.”

-Ryan B.

“They are very informative, friendly and are excited right along with us!”

-Bellacasa Property

“Everyone’s been awesome and I look forward to working with you more.”

-Isaac G.

“Great service…always there when you need. Keep up the good work!”

-Giliano A.

“Awesome team. Looking forward to working with everyone.”

-Rebecca M.

“Very helpful. Looking forward to future business.”

-Franklin J.

“I am 100% pleased with”

-Curtis F.

“Good advice on the loan app and construction bids.”

-Jason S.

“Very patient, professional and helpful.”

-Necia D.

“It is always a quick turn-around to get an answer and the representatives are so courteous and knowledgeable.”

Doreen B.

“Everyone is always very pleasant and polite.”

-Joeine C.


-Sandra H.

“Everyone I have talked to or emailed has been great. Thank you!”

-Ted C.

“Overall awesome service.”

-Shon F.

“Answers were concise and timely.”

-Earl M.

“Very quick response!”

-Sharon J.

“Ryan and his team are the best.”

-Emile E

“Always helpful and professional.”

-Kimberly G.

“All of you folks have been great!”

-Ted C.

“No issues. Love working with your company.”

-Jeanne H.

“Great attitude and thorough explanation.”

-Lorin L.

“Awesome. Can’t say enough. Love this company.”

-Joshua F.

“Very helpful and caring as always.”

-Sandra H.

“Thank you for the quick response and great customer service.”

-Delisiah A.