Do Hard Money Named to the Inc. 5000!

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This year, we were named to the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest growing countries in America!

It’s been a surreal experience to see our hard work pay off. I founded 12 years ago as a way for me to begin funding other investors deals. I made a goal to help fix & flippers who didn’t have the means to get started. We set ourselves apart by offering numerous 100% financing options and low cash-to-close options.

Along the way, we began providing real estate education. It became apparent pretty quick that there are millions of people across the U.S. that wanted to get involved in what I’d been doing, but just hadn’t been able to crack the nut. I could help, and I wanted to help. I want them to taste some of the freedom and independence I’ve had.

We also learned that a higher percentage of the loans we fund turn into a positive ROI when our members are given more step-by-step help. That’s why we have the Find-Fund-Flip system – because I wanted to help the brand-new fix & flippers who didn’t have properties yet. All of that has resulted in 60% fewer failed deals and $6k more profit per deal than industry averages.

It’s an honor to be recognized as #1862 on their list – and #22 in Salt Lake where there are so many other incredible companies. Over the past 3 years, we’ve experienced a 241% increase in revenue, bringing us up to over $5 million in 2017 – and on pace to outdo that this year! And as we near 50 employees, I want to thank my incredible team… it’s an obvious statement to say this wouldn’t be possible without them. Let’s do it again next year!

And as always… I want to help you flip a home. I want you to use the strategies I’ve been using for 17+ years and flip a TON of homes with them. Nothing would make me happier. If you’d like to learn how I’ve done it, and get some help from experienced pros, then let’s partner up and make this happen: