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Connecticut Hard Money Loans For Real Estate

CT Investment Opportunity Already Under Contract?

If you’re looking for a Connecticut hard money lender to help you with your real estate invting? DoHardMoney.com is the loan provider you need as part of your team. We fund qualified deals throughout the state.

Can We Help You Begin?

Being new to the world of real estate investing can feel like you’re surrounded by possibilities and uncertainty. Our Find-Fund-Flip System was tailor made for new investors. We have tools and resources to help you work with your unique situation – your time constraints, your knowledge and your budget.

Have You Found The Right Deal?

Searching for a good real estate investment deal is a lot of work, and the MLS is NOT the place to find the type of deal with which you are going to be profitable. You NEED our software. It will allow you to search any zip code or neighborhood for high equity properties, for owners facing involuntary liens, for the kinds of opportunities that will make a difference to your bottom line. And the software even facilitates marketing to those owners, so you save time.

Looking for hard money lenders in CT? We have the right hard money loan for your fix and flip project. Because we’re real estate investors we know that you need a streamlined process that will allow you to close in as little as 15 business days.

Need to fund your property purchase and the rehab? Our Connecticut hard money loans can do that. Funding as much as 70% of the ARV allows your to get your project going quickly.

* DHM does not guarantee that each or any particular deal funded with a Connecticut hard money loan will result in profit.

Terms for Directly Funded Connecticut Hard Money Lending

What Kind of Funding Is Available?

  • Up to 100% Financing Available
  • We fund up to 70% of the ARV
  • Minimum ARV of $70,000
  • No minimum loan amount
  • Maximum loan amount $250,000
  • Loan term 5 months

What Will It Cost?

  • Interest starting at 1.25% per month
  • Origination starting at 5.5%
  • No monthly payments
  • No and low cash to close options available
  • Gap financing allowed
  • No pre-payment penalty

Why Use DoHardMoney?

  • Full disclosure at time of loan offer
  • Proprietary foreclosure protection
  • No experience required
  • No minimum credit score required
  • Simultaneous deals allowed

Connecticut Real Estate Market Statistics (2015)

Connecticut is the third smallest state in the United States, rich in national history. It is one of the Thirteen Colonies to revolt against British rule during the American Revolution and is now known for beautiful rivers and spectacular seasons throughout the year. Its beauty has spread among home-buyers, turning Connecticut into a must-see state. The number of real estate flips has risen 45% in the past year. Home prices are starting to drop in Connecticut, bringing great news to investors looking to purchase a property at a discounted rate. Courant.com states, “buyers are benefiting from the affordable asking prices as well as mortgage rates that have yet to rise much above their historic lows.” If you’re looking for a great deal, Connecticut is a great place to start.

Housing Units
Number of Flips
% Change in Flips

Purchase Price

National Average: $188,900
Connecticut Metro Areas: $289,900

Gross Margin

National Average: $55,000
Connecticut Metro Areas: $90,950

Number of Houses Flipped

National Average: 179,778
Connecticut Metro Areas: 7,363

% Change in Houses Flipped

National Average: 0.2%
Connecticut Metro Areas: $45%

Hard Money Lending for Connecticut Fix and Flips

Find your opportunity and we’ll help with the funding!

CT Fix & Flip Loans
  • Options for both new/experienced investors

  • Choose from low cash-to-close/lower rates

  • Loan based on after repair value

CT Investment Property Refinance Loans
  • Options for both new/experienced investors

  • Cash out or no cash out depending on needs

  • 50%-65% ARV depending on property

CT Rental Property Loans
  • Must own at least one property

  • 1-4 unit properties

  • Up to 80% LTV

Is It Possible to Get 100% Funding From Hard Money Lenders in CT?

Do Hard Money can provide 100% financing on qualified fix and flip deals directly funded for our Find-Fund-Flip members in Connecticut. We do bot off 100% financing at this time on the other types of real estate investment loans that we offer, such as buy and hold or new construction. Please connect with a HM team member to find out how you can enroll in FFF.

Can I Get An Connecticut Fix & Flip Loan If I Have Bad Credit?

We have created our Find-Fund-Flip program to help borrowers with bad or poor credit achieve their house flipping goals. Give us a call, our team is ready to help you get started.