Chicago Illinois Fix and Flip Loan

Chicago continues its incredible real estate investment hot streak! Michael W. found an amazing fix-and-flip opportunity in Chicago, Illinois and brought the deal to Do Hard Money for funding. We believed in this deal and believed in Michael’s plans for an excellent rehab on this four-bedroom, three-bathroom home. This home boasted an ideal location on the choir block, close to the best schools and shopping. Also, this property is only 20 minutes away from downtown Chicago. Do Hard Money found this deal so lucrative that we qualified it for 100% financing. We funded 100% of the property purchase price, rehab costs and closing costs, as well as 46% of the interest fees. In the end, Michael brought $0 cash-to-close to make this deal happen! Click here to check out the property HUD. 

Michael performed an amazing renovation on this property. First, he tore out the worn, stained carpets on the main floor and replaced them with gorgeous hard wood floors. Then, he added a lovely brick insert perfectly complementing the new paint job in the living room. Michael then completely upgraded the kitchen with new stainless steel appliances, beautiful espresso cabinets, new counter tops and a gorgeous kitchen island. Next, Michael performed a complete makeover on the master bathroom, adding a huge tub, new vanity and a cute little sink. Finally, Michael put the finishing touches on his rehab by adding a fence for privacy. As a result of his excellent work, this property is predicted to sell for an overall estimated profit of $52,159! Check out the details* of his fix-and-flip loan below!

Loan DetailsCost% Funded
Purchase Price$64,000100%
Rehab Costs$33,606100%
Closing Costs$23,146100%
Interest$7,772 46%
Total Funding Needed for Deal$128,524
Do Hard Money Loan Amount$124,351
Earnest Money$2,500
Seller Paid Costs$1,672
After Repair Value (ARV)$190,000
Selling Costs$13,490
Loan Payoff$124,351
Cash-to-Close Payback$0
Estimated Net Profit$52,159

*Minor loan details not included.

Like Michael, you can also earn a profit of over $50k, bringing $0 cash to the closing table. Do Hard Money helps hundreds of people open the door to financial freedom through profitable real estate investment deals. As a result of our funding, you can see incredible investment success!

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