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Thank you for purchasing "94 Ways to Find Deeply Discounted Real Estate!" Very shortly (within the next few days), you'll have a clear picture of how to find deals, no matter your market, budget, or current skill level.

As you'll quickly discover, "94 Ways" will radically increase your ability to achieve life-changing profit on deal after deal. But more than your next deal, I want to see you complete your next 20 deals and change your life forever.

To help you scale your fix & flip business to achieve profit and a lifestyle you've never even dreamed of, you'll need fool-proof, rock-solid financing strategies to add to your repertoire.

To help you with this problem, I've put together a bundle of training videos that teach you exactly how I complete deals without using ANY of my own money.

It's based on the ACTUAL strategies I've used for nearly 2 decades to pocket millions of dollars. I've put my stamp on thousands of fix & flips over the years, and I know exactly how to use OPM (other people’s money) to complete them.

This bundle will save you hours of headaches, DAYS of wasted effort, and YEARS of trial and error and testing when it comes to figuring out how to come up with the cash to fund deal after deal.

I hate to see people itching to take the next step, dreaming big but spinning their wheels when it comes to actual boots-on-the-ground strategies. These trainings are currently ONLY available to our members who pay $3,000…but because you’ve already added “94 Ways” to your cart (which means you’re serious), you can get the ENTIRE “Ultimate Zero Cash Model” at a smokin’ ONE-TIME discount!

Here's What's Included
Finding Money for Deals Without Having a Business Partner

The Word-for-Word Contracts I've Been Using For Years to Put Together Headache-Free Deals

How to Accelerate Your Timeline to Finding Your First (Or Next) Deal
The Funding Strategy That Would Get "Closed Off" Immediately if the Public Knew About It
Okay, I'm Fired Up! What's Inside?

17 Ways to Get 100% Financing


All the different ways I’ve ever used to fund deals without using any of my money! (I’ve taught these strategies to thousands of students and still use them personally)


Profit now instead of waiting for that “perfect” deal to come along

You’ll see multiple ways I use to get no-interest money
And even one (rarely used) strategy where you borrow from yourself!

Get Interest-Free Money with Credit Card Financing

My favorite way to fund my deals when hard money isn’t enough.
The strategy I’m SHOCKED we’re actually allowed to use—especially since credit card companies are usually charging 15%+ interest
Basically a legal “loophole” that they haven’t closed yet…but probably will eventually
These are not cash advances
Requires only a one-time origination

BONUS Module
2-Part Series – Wholesaling Deep-Dive!

Profit quickly without worrying about loans, rehab, contractors, or shifting market conditions

Different ways to structure contracts (I’m including fill-in-the-blank templates)


How much profit to shoot for on your deals


How to pull lists of investors who’ve paid cash for properties in your area—and will likely be interested in yours


See the software we use to find hundreds of motivated sellers in your area. We’ve made deal-finding a breeze

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"Ultimate Zero Cash Model"
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