Calculate your fix & flip profit.

Pin down your profit numbers with near-exactness before moving forward with your deal.

Take it to the bank.

The accuracy of your profit estimates is paramount. That’s why we’ve devoted a ton of training, software, and manpower to help you tabulate everything from the purchase price to holding costs.

You’ll have the confidence to move forward knowing your numbers are the best estimates possible.

Leading value verification.

Our multi-step process is the most rigorous you’ll find. Between our 17-step value certification course, our screen recordings while evaluating your property, and sending independent and certified real estate agents out to verify, you can rest assured that you’ve got a deal worth pursuing.

Our borrowers average $39,714 per closed deal.

Unparalleled transparency.

Have you ever had an insurance company deny a claim with no explanation? Or a bank turn down a loan and you don’t know why? We think that’s bad business. If we turn down your loan, you’ll know exactly the reason and how to avoid it the next time.

Every non-emergency cost associated with your project will be included in your total profit, including the purchase, rehab, closing costs, selling costs, and holding costs. It’s not our goal to show you the most favorable numbers—we’ll give you the most accurate. That’s why our borrowers have such high-profit numbers and so many return for multiple deals.

Real estate profit calculator.

Our one-of-a-kind Advanced Deal Analyzer software takes all your values, assesses total costs based on your specific deal and location, and spits out a final profit number using the loan programs we offer.

Our members practically live inside this software because it’s the quick & easy way to know if your deal is worth it.

Calculate profit without guessing.

Just one of the many advantages our members find inside the Find Fund Flip System.