Any sum of money outside of Do Hard Money’s loan (70% of the ARV) will need to be presented as a contribution from the borrower. If there is a difference between the loan amount and the amount you need to close the deal, gap financing can be used to cover the difference.

Getting pre-approved for gap financing is easier than you think! All you have to do is follow the simple instructions below:

Step 1:

Set up an account with by clicking on this link to access their website. There, you’ll gain access to the business and personal credit report we will use to properly evaluate your credit history and develop your funding plan. A business credit report is not required for start-up businesses applying for credit lines. However, establishing your account with Nav. Com will be beneficial to report your business credit in the future.

On the Account Information screen, you will enter your personal information. You will also enter your email address and create a password. Both of these fields are case-specific, so be sure to write these down exactly as you entered them, so that you can provide accurate log-in information when completing Step 2 below. You can use your log-in information at any time to view current reports, alerts and insights.

Next, you will enter information about your business so that can pull the correct business credit report. If you don’t currently have a business, don’t worry. We will work with you to help establish your business line of credit. These business credit reports will generate a “soft” inquiry which will not impact your scores. These reports include Vantage Scores, which are different from FICO scores.


Step 2:

Complete LenCred’s Online Funding Application by clicking on this link.

On the first screen, you will be prompted to enter a referring partner’s passcode. Enter the following passcode only: MS081114. Entering any other passcode could delay the processing of your application.

On the next form, you will enter your email address and password you created in Step 1. Please complete all areas of the application.

If you are including a credit partner to either help qualify your business for funding, or to qualify for additional funding, please click on “Add Partner” and provide their information in the designated fields. Credit partners must complete Step 1 above and provide accurate email address and password information in the fields provided. We strongly suggest including your spouse, partner(s) or any other potential credit partner in your application.

After you fill in the entire form, click “Submit.” Once your application is submitted, LenCred will contact you by phone or email within 1-2 business days to schedule a free consultation with one of our Certified Funding Advisors. Our consultation is designed to answer all of your questions and review your eligibility for funding as well as financing options for your business.

If you have any questions, please call (888) 783-1503.