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You have come to the right company to learn, and also to get funding. Many companies will teach you about the BRRR Method, but very few can back it up with the funding to make it happen. Our Find-Fund-Flip System includes everything you need to become a pro investor… including access to our capital to cover 100% of your purchase and rehab on qualifying properties.

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Are you further down the investment path? You’ve got a property and we’ve got the money… that’s what you’re looking for right? Well you’re in luck… in just minutes. Our team will help you understand how our BRRR funding works and move your investment forward.

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What Exactly Is The BRRR Real Estate Investing Method?

Applying the BRRR method in your investing is not for all real estate entreprenuers, but you may decide it is a strategy that you want to incorporate. We would like to help you make the transaction a successful one. We have a great team to help you not only with your BRRR loan, but with each step and phase of the deal. brrr real estate

Buy – our team will help you determine whether or not the property you are considering will work for the BRRR investment.

Rehab – borrowers working with DHM have an experienced construction project manager as part of their team. This PM helps keep the projext on both on budget and on schedule.

Rent – screening tenants and setting an appropriate amount for rent is important to the success of the BRRR real estate investment.

Refinance – DHM works with you to get the best refinance option for your property.

Can I Get 100% Financing on My BRRR Loan?

You CAN get 100% funding for the property purchase and rehab portions of your BRRR transaction provided that the property qualifies for it under our guidelines. The same criteria applies here that we look at for our fix and flip loans. And, you will need to be a member of our fantastic Find-Fund-Flip System in order to get access to this real estate investment loan. But, that’s no problem, FFF membership is an investment in yourself and your business that will continue to reap benefits long after your first loan with Do Hard Money! You can read more about our house flippers’ success here.

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States In Which We Currently Fund BRRR Real Estate Investments