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Flip Your Next BRRR Deal With $0 Down
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Want to Reach Your Real Estate Investing Goals But Don't Know Where to Start?
The Find-Fund-Flip System gives you the essentials to complete your next BRRR deal. This program will provide you with an in-depth, comprehensive and actionable approach and give you the advantage over the competition to make and close offers fast. Our system allows you to track your progress so you’re never left guessing and offers an easy-to-follow process you can work through at your own pace. With the Find-Fund-Flip System, you’ll become a true real estate investment professional and meet your financial goals in no time. 

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What's Included?
The Find-Fund-Flip System includes the strategies and systems through the accelerated experience, the tools you need to make offers and evaluate deals, the training you need to get the funding to do deals and to top it all off, the support you need so you’re not left alone at any stage of the process.

They say 'the more you tell, the more you sell' which is true... but only if people actually read what you write. People read text that's punchy, interesting and helps them make a good buying decision.
Real Estate Investment Software That Helps You 3 Ways
Find Deals

Filter through 160 million properties for your perfect deals, instantly.

Save Preferences

After you’ve created your perfect list of potential deals, watch as it automatically updates with new records as they qualify for the parameters you set.

Market Instantly

Print postcards with pre-filled addresses or send a voicemail to your saved list of potential deals!

Ready To Find More Deals Than You Know What To Do With?
“I couldn’t have done it without Do Hard Money…that’s the great thing about Do Hard Money, they’ve got a system that is tried and true, it’s proven.”

Hunter W., System Member
Funding Features

100% Hard Money Financing

If your deal is good enough we’ll fund your purchase, rehab, points, interest, & closing costs.


No Prepayment Penalty

When you complete your rehab ahead of schedule we refund you money and you make more profit.


No Payments for 5 Months

We want you to keep the focus on completing rehab work, not worrying about making monthly payments.


No Credit or Experience Required

You can still get a loan even with zero experience and a poor credit score.


No Minimum Down Payment

No down payment when all your costs fit within 70% of the ARV.

Instantly Sort & Save

Select from dozens of parameters and watch as your ideal targets are filtered into one handy list filled with ONLY potential deals you want to go after. Then go ahead and save your search. Each time you log in, you’ll be notified of new properties that fit the search parameters you’ve saved! If you find a certain type of deal or property in an area that resulted in a profitable flip you can quickly narrow down other homes in the area that fit those same specifics.

In other words, never wonder “are there deals in my area?” ever again.

Advanced Individual Property Data

Click on any property in your search to see estimated value, occupancy, property type, estimated value over time, estimated rent, estimated equity, mortgage balance, liens, tax info, and even comparable properties. Know before you spend time & money that you’re targeting properties primed to fix & flip for massive profit.

Find-Fund-Flip System

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What sets you apart from other Hard Money Lenders?

We are known for providing 100% financing to purchase a property if the numbers are good. In addition to offering 100% financing, we will fund 100% of the rehab costs as established by independent evaluators. We also do not require any monthly payments for the initial term of the loan. We also do not require a minimum credit score to be considered for funding. We don`t require tax returns, financial statement or verification of assets. Our application process is very quick and easy to complete. We can also fund in 48 hours from the time we receive a complete packet. Our company was designed by real estate investors for real estate investors, knowing the needs that real estate investors have. We are really the last of the true hard money lenders, lending solely on the value of the property rather than the strength of the borrower.


How do I know you are legitimate?

We are A+ rated with Better Business Bureau and strive to maintain that standard. We have been in business for over a decade and have established a great reputation with our clients.

The most important items for you, as the borrower, to know are:

• We are capable of funding 

• We fund transactions on a regular basis

• We can work through any problems that may arise

We were lending during the worst real estate financial crisis of all time and are one of the very few lenders that were successfully funding deals during that time.


How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2005 and have not only survived the worst real estate crisis in the history of our country, but we never stopped lending during the worst real estate market of all time. Most of our investors were profitable during this trying time and at a minimum, they where able to break even. We want our investors to MAKE money and we want to lend on deals where we know that will happen.


Do you lend for buy and hold properties?

Do Hard Money offers financing for real estate investors who are primarily purchasing a property to rehab and resell. The loans are short-term with a maximum initial term of 5 months and the option of 3 extensions (with the extensions approved at the sole discretion of DHM). DHM does NOT offer long-term financing.

We can also extend loans to investors th are purchasing a property to rehab and keep as a rental. The one thing to remember and be aware of is that in order to payoff the loan to DoHardMoney.comon time, you need to be able to qualify for long-term, conventional financing. In today's market, financing for investment properties is very difficult to obtain due to the very stringent lending guidelines. We recommend that you get pre-approved for the long-term financing prior to purchasing the property. 


Can you really fund me with no income verification?

We are real hard money lenders. We are concerned with the value of the property more than the borrower. Rather than look at your income or be overly concerned with your credit history, we look at how much you can sell the property for after rehabbing it, or the after-repair value of the property. Banks look at your income and you as the primary factor in lending money and give very little thought to the property with the exception of its current market value. Our primary factor in lending money takes a look at the property and for how much of a discount you can purchase the home. Income verification is not needed to get a loan.


How do I know you will follow through if I find a property?

The simple truth is, if we don't fund on properties, neither you as the borrower nor we as the lender make any money. It wouldn't make sense to want to receive loan applications and not fund on them. There's a big reason why we've spent the time and money to develop the world's best hard money lending system and website and have worked hard to spread the word about opening the door to financial freedom through real estate investments. The reason is, we have been in business for many years and funded hundreds and hundreds of deals. We have seen so many people become very successful real estate investors, forever changing their financial futures for the better. Our goal is to help our clients make MONEY; we want to help you do the same.

But hey... why take our word for it? You can take a look at many of our clients' success stories and hear what our borrowers have to say. Visit our review page to see some of our customers' experiences with Do Hard Money.

We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared.

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