Real Estate Investing for Beginners

The REI Starter System is an accelerated experience system designed to let you hit the ground running. Beginner real estate investing can be overwhelming. It condenses some of the most valuable REI information into an immersive, interactive, easy-to-follow process that you can follow at your own pace. The REI Starter System contains a wide array of tools and resources that will assist you in knowing what to look for in deals and how you can obtain funding for your next deal.

  • Learn the Ins and Outs

    The REI Starter System is perfect for the novice real estate investor. It will open doors different from what other “gurus” teach, enabling you to become familiar with the basics.
  • Gain the Advantage

    Building a foundation of knowledge in the real estate investment industry can be one of the most important aspects to consistently completing successful deals.
  • Finding, Evaluating, Rehabbing and Selling Property Fundamentals

    We teach you the essentials of finding, evaluating, rehabbing and selling properties so you can turn a nice profit.
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“The all-inclusive program that gives you everything you need to get started in becoming a successful real estate investor.”

Ayodele H, Marietta, GA

What’s Included?

The REI Starter system includes the strategies and systems through the accelerated experience, the tools you need to make offers and evaluate deals, the training you need to get the funding to do deals and to top it all off, the support you need so you’re not left alone at any stage of the process. Beginner real estate investing made easier.

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  • Unlimited Proof-of-Funds Letters ($49.95 x 3 months = $149.85 Value)

    Own the advantage over the competition to make and close offers fast.
  • Proprietary Advanced Deal Analysis Software ($99.95 x 3 months = $299.85 Value)

    Conduct a comprehensive professional profit & risk analysis in seconds. know exactly what you can offer and don’t waste your time on bad deals.
  • Automated Property Value Analysis Worksheet ($74.95 Value)

    Avoid costly mistakes and save hours of time by calculating the exact value of your property.
  • 7 Secrets to 100% Financing ($140.00 Value)

    How to get financing without bringing a dollar to the closing table.
  • Business Partner Essentials ($85.00 Value)

    The how, why, when and where to get a business partner.
  • Foundational Knowledge ($300.00 Value)

    Terms, best practices, requirements. This will help you refine your knowledge in all of the basics of real estate investment.
  • Finding & Evaluating Properties ($300.00 Value)

    All the basics on finding and finding the correct value. This is the biggest mistake novices make.
  • Rehabbing Strategies ($200.00 Value)

    This answers the questions of what to fix and what to leave, how much it will cost, and how to get it done.
  • Selling Strategies ($300.00 Value)

    All the key knowledge you need about marketing, pricing, and staging your property to sell fast.
  • Project Managers

    You’ll receive support from qualified, professional project managers to help ensure your rehab projects are completed on-schedule.