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Due to rapid growth from increased demand… we are seeking 2-3 accredited investors to join our small group of exclusive investors.
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  • Consistent Double Digit Returns
  • Proprietary Risk Reduction Strategies
  • Secured by First-Position Real Estate
  • Proven Track Record of Performance
  • Passive Investment Requires Little Time
  • Insulated From Public Market Fluctuations

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Average Investor APY | 12-Month Period Ending 31 Oct 2015
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Average Investor APY | During 2008 -2009 Market Crash

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What The Experts Say About Hard Money & Alternative Investments

Financing private mortgages can equal strong returns. Typical loans usually last six months… but the payoff is big
Alternative assets often cushion market volatility present in more traditional investments like those found in the public markets.
Huffington Post
Alternatives may help investors achieve a smoother investment experience over various market cycles, allowing for long-term outperformance.
Goldman Sachs

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