Think Bad Credit Hard Money Loans Don’t Exist? Think Again

Your troubles are over! We understand that having a bad credit rating shouldn’t exclude you from opportunities to better your situation. This is why Do Hard Money offers hard money loans to all, not just those with good or excellent credit. At Do Hard Money, we’re proud to have helped hundreds of real estate investors reach their goals and achieve their dreams, regardless of their credit rating.

We extend loans based on the property, not the individual. This has helped make us one of the nation’s leading lenders for bad credit hard money loans. We are here to help you open the door to financial freedom and improve your current credit situation through real estate investment opportunities. We are proud to extend these opportunities to all.  Here is a testimonial from one of our clients who was in a bad credit situation prior to doing a deal with Do Hard Money:

I have been working the past 20 years in industrial construction building high rise condos, computer chip manufacturing plants and offices. Since I am over 60 years of age, I was wondering what I was going to do when I retire. I considered real estate since my parents own a few small apartments that they had remodeled. I enjoy working on those kinds of projects but they take time, money and ability. After seeing an infomercial about a guy who flipped homes and made tons of profit, I decided to get involved.

I put a lot of money into learning about fixing and flipping and was ready to get started. However, I had no money left, terrible credit and no clue how I would fund my projects.

I learned about bad credit hard money loans and stumbled upon while searching an REI club website. I contacted them and told them I had a property in mind and they immediately helped me set up an evaluation of the property and determine the ARV (after-repair value).

Do Hard Money was very helpful… everything went well and I closed before my 5 month due date. I made just under $12,000 with this deal. Working with them was a great experience – they are the cream of the crop when it comes to hard money lenders for those with bad credit.

Throughout the whole process, I was never treated 2nd rate because of my bad credit. In fact, they treated me as a valued partner. I highly recommend anyone looking for bad credit hard money loans look no further than!

Thanks Do Hard Money!


So What if you have bad credit, what are you waiting for? Get prequalified today for a hard money loan to get started on the road to financial freedom!

Loan Terms

100% Financing

If your deal is good enough we will cover 100% of the purchase price, rehab, and closing costs, points & interest.

LTV Basis

Our max loan amount is based on the after repair value, not the current value or purchase price. If the numbers line up, we will fund it.

Maximum LTV

We lend up to 70% of the ARV. We will fund everything but earnest money as long as it fits within 70% of the ARV.

Max Loan Amount

Our max loan amount is $250,000. For the markets we currently lend in, we’ve found this to be the sweet spot for real estate investing.

Minimum ARV

Our minimum ARV to lend on a property is $75,000. If it’s less than that there is just not enough profit to make it worth the effort for either party.

Multiple Deals

Yes. We allow you to do 3 deals at a time, enabling you to stay busy and rake in even more profit at a faster pace.

Interest Rate

Our interest rates of 1.25 – 1.50% per month fall pretty middle of the road. We are not the cheapest, nor the most expensive, but our 100% financing options allow you to leverage our money.

Origination Points

We take on significant risk in offering 100% financing and our points of 5.5% – 6.5% is what keeps us in business.

Max Loan Term

The default loan term is set at 5 months, but we do allow up to three 1-month forbearance payments equal to 1.0% of the loan if you need more time.

Monthly Payments

With no monthly payments during the initial loan term you can focus 100% of your time on rehabbing and selling the property.

Minimum Credit

None. A bad credit score will affect your points and interest, but because we lend on the property’s after repair value it won’t keep you from getting a loan

Min Cash-to-Close

We do not require a down payment on the property. If everything fits in 70% of the ARV you can come to the closing table with $0.00.

Pre-Pay Penalty

With no pre-payment penalty, fixing and flipping the property in a shorter amount of time can only deepen your pockets.

Required Experience

Many other lenders either won’t lend to you or will jack up their prices unless you have prior experience, but we’re all making profitable real estate investing accessible to anyone.

Gap Financing

We allow gap financing in the form of business lines of credit to help with cash-to-close when everything doesn’t fit in 70% of the ARV and we can help you get up to $100,000 in as little as 30 days.

Foreclosure Protection

Nobody else looks out for you like we do. We offer proprietary protection that nearly precludes the possibility of a foreclosure on your records even in the worst-case scenario.

Refinancing Available

Yes. With traditional lenders limited to strict loan parameters, we focus on equity over borrower financials. This gives you the liquidity needed for your individual situation.

Full Disclosure

Unlike a lot of other lenders who hide the full cost of the loan until it’s too late… we want you to know what you’re getting into and disclose ALL costs upfront.

Investor Testimonials

Victoria Congdon
Net Profit $20,000+

Laura Rider
Net Profit $56,000

Nathaniel Gibbs
Net Profit $20,000