Everything you need to successfully flip deals in less than two weeks is contained in the easy-to-use NEW system we call…
The Accelerated Wholesale System

The crash course designed to take you from newbie off the street to cashing 5-figure real estate checks THIS MONTH

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Hi, this is Ryan G. Wright, and I’ve been a real estate investor for close to 20 years now. I’ve been directly involved in several hundred real estate transactions and have been a mentor to hundreds of others who’ve changed their lives by flipping their first home.

In fact, I’m proud to say that our main purpose & goal as a company is to create a streamlined, barrier-free system for new investors to get that first deal under their belts.

It’s life-changing, and I feel more fulfilled having helped people towards increased freedom and options in their lives.

To accomplish this, we’ve offered a core product called the Find-Fund-Flip System… which gives you a comprehensive system to complete a fix & flip deal.

It’s proven over and over to take brand-new investors and turn them into fix & flip pros. It’s something that I’ve worked on and perfected for the past 10 years to provide the same value a $50,000 mastermind would, but also with resources previously only available to the powerhouse investors.

And it works. Like gangbusters.

But there’s only one problem…

What If You're Not Ready For a Full Fix & Flip?

Getting involved in a full fix & flip means:

  • Borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Paying for cash-to-close, earnest money, points, interest, and emergencies 
  • Managing loan deadlines
  • Planning & estimating the rehab
  • Managing a general contractor
  • 5+ months of managing the project

With that many moving parts, there’s naturally some risk involved, despite our extremely low failure rate. And because our Find-Fund-Flip System is so resource intensive and requires a bigger drain on my loan advisers and project managers, we charge $3,000 for it.

And frankly, it’s a steal.

Our competitors charge 10x that just for the education component, let alone access to our proprietary software, dedicated advisers, and 100% financing options.

But Fix & Flips Aren’t For Everyone!

Maybe you aren’t ready for a $3k investment, especially when you might also need cash-to-close and loan costs (although our 100% financing option mitigates much of that).

Or maybe you’re not ready for the time investment...

Or you want a quicker paycheck...

Or it’s too risky for you...

Or you’re nervous about handling something that big…

And that’s okay, because here’s...

The #1 Thing I Recommend to People In Your Situation:

Even if you want to graduate to fix & flips, I tell EVERYONE just starting out to begin with a wholesale deal!

Yes, if I were able to go back in time and advise my 20-year-old self about investing, I’d knock him upside the head, and say “START WITH WHOLESALING!”

It makes too much sense, because:

  • Quicker paychecks (2-4 weeks)
  • Confidence builder
  • No loans to deal with
  • No general contractors to deal with
  • No rehab to manage
  • No cash-to-close or loan fees
  • And way, way, WAY fewer moving parts & headaches!

Now you’ve got more money in the bank for your next deal, which opens up your options & gives you confidence that you CAN DO THIS.  

If you’re plan all along was to move to fix & flips, getting a few wholesale deals under your belt makes it that much easier. 

Or, stick with wholesaling for the foreseeable future! I’ve got friends in this business doing dozens of deals and millions in profit per year just from wholesaling…

So, for the past 10 years, I’ve recommended the Find-Fund-Flip System to newbies looking to get started with wholesaling...

Until now.

I realized it didn’t make sense to sell someone an entire dining room set when all they need is a chair…

So I Created the Accelerated Wholesale System

I took out the loan servicing part of my core product and put all the focus squarely onto everything you’d need to wholesale your first deal… and your second, third, fourth… and so on.

Just imagine for a moment what it will be like when you start depositing $2,500 to $15,000 checks MONTHLY (or even weekly) into your bank account?

What would that do to your confidence? To your doubters? To your debt?

You’ll be able to STOP imagining a future filled with time freedom, nice restaurants, and a paid-off house because you’ll be able to live it

I can say that because I’ve done it… My students have done it… and I’m fully committed in the future to continue working hard to find better ways for my new students to flip homes with confidence, with less risk, and more profit.

“But Ryan, I can find wholesaling training all over the internet… what makes yours so good?”

I’ll get into all the nitty-gritty details here in a minute… but for now, I’ll focus on two things that separate the Accelerated Wholesale System from every other similar product out there.

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Difference #1:
The Investor's Edge Software

Watch me find & market to dozens of motivated sellers in just 10 minutes:
Find deals in your area at 50 cents on the dollar... from motivated sellers!
Send out postcards or voicemail broadcasts directly from the software... meaning leads calling YOU without leaving your computer chair!

Save your filters and get email updates when new properties qualify. Act on properties before 99% even know they exist!

Search by vacancies, equity, bankruptcy, owner-occupied, liens, foreclosures, out-of-state landlords, and MUCH more!
State of the art rehab calculator to accurately estimate your costs before placing an offer!

In short, you can find potential deals from your computer chair... and then automatically send out postcards or voice broadcasts all from inside the same software!

Finding deals has changed in the past few years. If you're still sorting through records at the courthouse, cold-calling, or relying on a real estate agent, you're in for a harsh reality. 

But with our software, not only is it dead easy, but you can be placing offers before other investors even know the potential deal exists!

Our members report that finding deals is no longer a problem.

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Difference #2:
Access to Our Buyers List

There are services out there that will charge you more than the cost of my entire program just to get your deal in front of other investors!

So here’s how this works…

When you find a deal and get it under contract, we’ll help you vet the deal and make sure your numbers look good.

Then, we’ll craft a professional email with all the details and shoot it out to our list of 50,000+ investors (that we’ve built over the past 10 years) within one business day! We’ve been doing this awhile, and these deals almost always get picked up within 24-48 hours.

This alone is worth the price of the entire Accelerated Wholesale  System because now the hardest (and most stressful) part of wholesaling has been completely taken off your plate. We’ll handle it all for you.

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Now before I dive into all the nuts and bolts of the Accelerated Wholesale System...
Here's Why You Should NOT Buy The Accelerated Wholesale System

If you think you’re going to spend a couple of hours and start pocketing checks, I’m going to stop you right there. This isn’t for you, and you should probably just click away from this page. This is going to be a massive waste of time for both of us. If you do sign up, you’ll probably ask for a refund within a week and leave us a bad review because you were never willing to do your part.

I’ve been doing this a long time…

The difference between those who make and those who don’t is SIMPLE.

The ones who MAKE IT push through obstacles.


They don’t curl up in the fetal position when something goes wrong.

They look for ways over, around, and through barriers. The ones who make it COULD be successful in just about anything they try, but they decide to do real estate because of the MASSIVE, LIFE-CHANGING profit potential involved.

That being said…

If the desire is there, you could find your first deal in the next 2-4 weeks in your spare time. I’ve put together what I believe to be the premier wholesaling package on the planet.

So Here's What's Included...

This system will save you hours of headaches, DAYS of wasted effort, and YEARS of trial and error when it comes to finding motivated sellers desperate to offload their properties.

I hate to see people itching to take the next step, dreaming big but spinning their wheels when it comes to actual boots-on-the-ground strategies. I've been around long enough to know that you need more than just a strategy to find a discounted property! That's why my system includes EVERYTHING you need, such as:

5 Value-Packed Training Videos
Tier I: Professional Finding Strategies ($400 Value) - My top 4 favorite low- or no-cost strategies that fit any budget or skill level! 
Tier II: Expert Finding Strategies ($200 Value) - My four "go to" most profitable paid strategies I've used for decades, spelled out and made simple.

Tier III: Finding Properties 101 ($200 Value) - Every professional fix & flipper needs multiple arrows in their quiver, and this video will add 30 finding strategies to yours!


Tier III: Targeted Marketing 101 ($300 Value) - Attract ready-to-sell owners with world-class, done-for-you copy. See what I do and say to attract new deals to me like flies to honey.

Tier III: Advanced Finding Strategies ($200 Value) - A simple, concrete process towards using the most profitable finding strategies. It's worked for me and my students this long... it'll work for you too.
3 Weekly Assignment Workbooks to Virtually Guarantee You'll Find a Property in 90 Days ($599.85 Value)

Our 3 workbooks (one for each Tier mentioned above) keep you on track with easy checklists to be completed weekly. I know exactly what you need to do to be successful - and how long it'll take. If you do the weekly assignments and DON'T find a deal in 90 days, I'll refund your money.

Hundreds of my students have proven this... you'll find a property if you watch the videos and stick to the assignments I give. The ONLY students who fail are the ones who give up after a week or two. Since you've read this far, I'm guessing that's not you.

3 Pieces of Proprietary Software the Competition Won't Have
Unlimited Proof-of-Funds Letters ($1,199 Value) - Move quicker than the competition to make offers and close fast!

Advanced Deal Analysis Software ($2,398 Value) - This is the house-flipping calculator I personally use to assess profit and risk of ANY deal out there. You'll know exactly how much you can offer, as well as which deals to stay away from.

 Automated Property Value Analysis Worksheet ($74.95 Value) -The secret to profit is in correct property evaluations and estimates... and this worksheet will keep you from overestimating values and losing money on deals.
My Personal Portfolio of Contracts

Buyer Purchase Contract + VIDEO ($19.95 Value) - How to structure contracts that favor you as the buyer.


Seller Purchase Contract + VIDEO ($19.95 Value) - How to structure contracts that favor you as the seller.


 Vehicle Advertising Agreement Form ($19.95 Value) - Protect yourself and your intellectual property and get the longest life out of each lead.

Professional Checklist Package

Motivated Seller Sheet ($34.95 Value) - This helps you identify which of your leads are actually motivated sellers so you can stop wasting time.


Meeting with Seller Outline + VIDEO ($34.95 Value) - I'll teach you exactly what I say and do to seal the deal with virtually every seller I meet with!


HUD Inspection Checklist ($14.95 Value) - Help you assess a potential deal on the fly and use that to negotiate the lowest possible price.


Amortization Calculator ($14.95 Value) -  Quickly assess how much equity a potential seller has in their property so you can target the best deals!

My Marketing Resources

Proven Advertising Copy ($350 Value) - I've been split-testing for years so you don't have to. Create successful ads on your first try!


Email and Phone Reply Scripts ($225 Value) - Most newbies lose the upper hand (or entire deals) from bad communication... but that's not going to happen to you armed with these tried-and-true scripts.


Professional, Print-Ready Creative Templates ($900 Value): Don't hire a designer or spend hours yourself - these templates have you covered.


Handpicked list of Mailing, Printing, and Lead Vendors ($500 Value) - This is my own, personal list of vendors that have come through for me time and time again.

Okay, I'm Fired Up... How Much Is It?

Don't Worry...

I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised considering the extreme value I've already laid out above. Sold piece by piece, this system would easily sell for $10k or more...

The Investor's Edge Software ALONE sells for $1,497 for a 6-month subscription... and that's been a goldmine of deals for my clients, most of whom I can reasonably estimate would've paid much more than that for it.

Now, you could certainly go out and try to piece together all this information online, and hire professionals to put together the rest.

You could find lawyers to write the contracts, marketing pros to create the resources, go online and buy a buyers list for your wholesale deals (with no assurances that it isn't some over-blasted list of retired investors)...

Heck, you could even hire a real estate pro to coach you on all the strategies you'll get all in one place inside the Accelerated Wholesale System.

(And that doesn't even include that you can't find our proven, proprietary software ANYWHERE else...)

Not only would that cost you tens of thousands of dollars, but you'd be dependent on others. This system fully empowers YOU to become a wholesaling machine, flipping deals on demand whenever you want to give yourself a raise.

Best part: I'm not charging $10,000, $5,000... not even $1,000. Most people expect it to cost at least that much.

But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near the conservative value... in fact, you can pick up your copy today for just $650!

"But Ryan... If Your Program is so Valuable... Why Discount it so Heavily?"

A couple of reasons, actually.

1) Because I believe in paying it forward. Someone helped me get my start when I had no clue and no hope... and now nothing excites me more than someone writing in or shooting a testimonial video about how they cashed their first check from a deal... 

2) For this one, I'll need to pull back the curtain a bit on our business...

When you find a wholesale deal… and we send it out to our list… and an investor picks up that deal… they almost always come to us for funding on that deal… and THAT’S how we make our money as a hard money lender.

To be brutally honest, the program I’m offering to you on this page isn’t designed to be a big money-maker. We pay data fees for Investor’s Edge (NOT cheap to pull 160 million properties with dozens of pieces of data for each one). Hosting fees, account setup fees, customer service & sales (if you’re on this page, you’ve probably already talked to one of my guys or gals)…

But the truth is… I’m fine breaking even on this product, or even losing a little because I know that value will eventually come back.

It's sort of like a "loss leader." (Think McDonald's selling a $1 burger so you buy fries and a drink also)

And also, I just believe that genuinely trying to help you will lead to good things.. There should be a little less competition in the world and a little more cooperation.

After all, when someone brings us a deal, we both profit... and usually the investor profits much more than we do!

So truly, I wish I could give this out free, but there's too much overhead and too much value to just give it away... plus, in the many years I've been doing this, I've noticed that people who pay (even just a little bit) for something, are much more likely to take it seriously and go do something about it.

And I want your dreams to become reality. Truly, I do. 

So that's why instead of charging $10,000 or $20,000 (like other companies do for similar "all-in-one" systems), I'm only going to ask that you pay the lowest price I can offer this: $650

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Ready to Start Wholesaling?
Get back with the Sales Associate you've been working with, or give us a call at:

The Automated Wholesale System is a 3-month subscription. After your 3 months are up, you can maintain your membership by submitting 10 offers a month—which should be a breeze if you're serious—or paying $149.95 per month. Should you decide to join the Find-Fund-Flip System in the future, we will deduct the $650 cost of this product from the purchase price.

Let's Get Your First Wholesaling Check in the Next 2-4 Weeks!