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Alabama Property Already Under Contract?

Looking for an Alabama hard money loan so that you can get your investment going? We are the hard money lender for all qualified properties in Alabama for your next real estate fix and flip or refinance property in the Yellowhammer State.

Do You Want To Get Started?

DHM understands the world of real estate investing and how new investors can be overwhelmed with information, advice and ideas. Our Find-Fund-Flip System is meant to cut through all of the clutter and help you complete your first deal. It will help you learn the ropes, the pitfalls and tactics on which you’ll be able to build your business.

Can’t Find the Right Deal?

Finding the deeply discounted properties you need in order to complete successful investments can be frustrated if you are not utilizing the right resources. Our software not only brings several property finding tools in one place, but also allows you to quickly market to those home owners and plan your rehabs. Your time is valuable, using this software is going to make the best use of your time.

We’ve helped investors flip homes throughout the US, and now we can offer hard money loans in Alabama. We can work with both experienced flippers and those new to fix and flips. Because we started as real estate investors we’ve created hard money loan programs specifically for real estate investors. We can fund deals all throughout the state, not just in large cities like Birmingham or Mobile. As long as the deal meets our criteria we can fund it. 

You want to move quickly – so we can fund the purchase and rehab, up to 70% of the ARV. And we can close in as little as 15 business days! Give us a call about your next fix and flip Alabama hard money loan.

Our hard money loan programs have revolutionized the hard money loan industry. We fund flips for investors who have no experience. Closing and loan costs can be rolled into the loan so that you won’t even have to make monthly payments. We want to give you the best hard money financing options available and will work with you to find what will work with your unique situation.

There are no hidden costs, everything is disclosed when we make you the loan offer. When we look at the profitability of the deal we try to account for everything that it will cost you, even the fees that we don’t charge and costs we cannot control. Your hard money lender should care whether or not you make money on the deal, not just if they make their money. 

* DHM does not guarantee that each or any particular deal funded in Alabama will result in profit

Terms For Alabama Hard Money Fix and Flip Loans Funded by DHM

We provide direct funding on our Alabama hard money loans which means that this is one of the states where we have the most loan options available. Depending on your needs, experience and the type of deal you’re wanting to fund with us we can offer loans structured for investors with no experience, bad credit or little cash liquidity as well as a more traditional approach that will allow the borrower to obtain better interest rates, points and loan terms.

What Loan Options Are Possible ?

  • Up to 100% Financing on Fix & Flip Loans
  • We fund up to 70% of the ARV
  • Minimum ARV of $70,000
  • No minimum loan amount
  • Maximum loan amount $250,000
  • Loan term 5 months

What Will It Cost?

  • Interest starting at 1.25% per month
  • Origination starting at 5.5%
  • No monthly payments
  • No and low cash to close options available
  • Gap financing allowed
  • No pre-payment penalty

Why Use DoHardMoney?

  • Full disclosure at time of loan offer
  • Proprietary foreclosure protection
  • No experience required
  • No minimum credit score required
  • Simultaneous deals allowed

Alabama House Flipping Deal in Progress

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Can I Get An Alabama Fix & Flip Loan If I Have Bad Credit?

You bet we can! If you have bad credit you can obtain a rehab loan by enrolling in our Find-Fund-Flip System. The innovative program gives you thorough instruction on how to find, value and rehab the right type of property, so that we can feel confident in loaning you the money even if your credit is not stellar.

Alabama Real Estate Market Statistics (2015)

Alabama is the “Heart of Dixie,” a gem of the South. It is nicknamed the Yellowhammer State, after the state bird. Alabama enjoys a lengthy growing season and is known to be one of the most successful agricultural states. Another perk to living in this beautiful state is the diverse array of flora and fauna and gorgeous greenery. Recently, house flipping has soared in popularity, growing 27% over the past year. Alabama was listed as “one of the most improved housing markets” in the Freddie Mac Multi-Indicator Market Index. According to the Birmingham Business Journal, “Housing markets are on track for their best year in a decade, and that’s reflected in MiMi.”

Housing Units
Number of Flips
% Change in Flips

Purchase Price

National Average: $188,900
Alabama Metro Areas: $175,000

Gross Margin

National Average: $55,000
Alabama Metro Areas: $34,025

Number of Houses Flipped

National Average: 179,778
Alabama Metro Areas: 3,445

% Change in Houses Flipped

National Average: 0.2%
Alabama Metro Areas: 27%

What Other Types of Alabama Hard Money Loans Are Available?

I Want 100% Financing on My Alabama Fix & Flip Loan, Is That Possible?

We fund Alabama fix and flip investments all over the state, not just in Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville or Montgomery. When we fund a deal at low or no cash to close, or 100% financing,  we are often not able to fund in rural areas. But we may be able to fund qualified deals throughout the whole state with our other financing options. Fix and flip investors or rental property owners in Alabama can rest assured that we will review all of our hard money financing options to find the best fit for them and their investment.

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