Ryan G. Wright

DoHardMoney.com CEO

Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor & Hard Money Lender

Ryan has been a prolific fix & flip entrepreneur since 2002 and has mentored thousands of new real estate investors during that time. He first started in real estate as an agent, along with his wife, almost 20 years ago. The success came quickly. The Salt Lake Board of Realtors named him “Real Estate Rookie of the Year” and his company won “Best of State” as well. Despite these successes, he never truly experienced the time & money freedom he though would come with that career.

He noticed that many of his clients were real estate investors, purchasing and flipping homes for massive profit. While Ryan as the agent would earn a decent profit of the sale, the investors were making life-changing income, and even better, their schedules weren’t subject to the their clients.

He decided to give it a shot, and soon became a massively successful fix & flipper, relying on hard work, determination, and his legendary work ethic. One of his favorites stories from the early days involves using two landlines at the same time so that he could cold call faster.

Several hundred profitable flips later, Ryan decided to take on a slightly different challenge – to help new investors get funding quickly from reputable sources. The result was DoHardMoney.com, a hard money lender that Ryan founded and still runs today.

Ryan’s goal with DoHardMoney.com is to give new investors a shot. That’s why his company offers one-of-a-kind 100% financing options with no money down—with good credit and flipping experience not required. Other companies often require $30k or more upfront to secure funding—something most trying to break into the industry don’t have. Ryan believes that if there’s a great deal with profit to be had, that the lender should be willing to fund the whole deal. His strict guidelines mitigate risk for all parties involved and has resulted in his students averaging $39,714 in walkaway profit per paid-off loan, as well as 37% of them qualifying for zero cash-to-close loans.

He also created the industry’s best fix & flip training program, called the Find-Fund-Flip System. With 45 videos of Ryan personally teaching all he knows, new investors get a university-level education from a master fix & flipper. Ryan has taught thousands of real estate investors how to flip homes, resulting in tens of millions of dollars in profit. He’s a sought-after real estate mentor who loves helping new investors achieve money freedom.

Ryan is also a published author, having written “The Most Powerful Secrets in Getting Short Sales Approved,” “7 Short Sale Myths and How to Overcome Them,” and “How to Get All the Money You Could Ever Handle: A Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Funding Deals,” as well as the more recent “94 Ways to Find Deeply Discounted Real Estate.” These books can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and most places books are sold.

Ryan has been a featured speaker for Bank of America, CitiMortgage, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Inside Mortgage Finance and the ReCaptivate Conference for real estate professionals. He was recently invited to speak at The Money Show in Las Vegas and has been featured in numerous publications, including Fox Business, Realtor.com, Utah Career Guide, The Deseret News, The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah Business Magazine and Salt Lake Realtors. He was also a featured guest on K Talk 630 AM: “The Voice of Utah.”

Ryan has also been a frequent podcast guest, having appeared on popular shows such as The Real Estate Way to Wealth and Freedom, Simple Wholesaling, REI Diamonds, Real Estate Espresso, Before the Millions, and more.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management, and avidly reads business and self-improvement books. Ryan was accepted into the prestigious MIT University Entrepreneurial Masters program, which only accepts 60 candidates worldwide annually.

On a more personal note, Ryan lives in Salt Lake County with his wife and 2 kids. He enjoys boating, fishing, and rooting for the Utah Jazz.

Want to learn the methods of finding and valuing house flips that led to Ryan’s success? We would love to help you find financial freedom.

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