The fix & flip lending system is broken. We came along and fixed it.

How we’re different.

We’re the most complete fix & flip system, with the most resources & best software, designed to help brand new investors and professionals alike complete flips with superior speed for max profit.

Flip properties for under $5k.

The goal of our system is to help you complete deals while using as little of your own money as possible. For great deals, we’re willing to fund every penny—including the purchase price, rehab costs, loan costs, and more.

The majority of our borrowers’ deals require less than $10k cash-to-close, and about a quarter of them require less than $2k. We dare you to find another lender to do that for you.

World-class training comes standard.

We’re told repeatedly that our Find-Fund-Flip System comes with more value than other education-only platforms charging $25k or more.

We’re not here to just fund deals you might come across—we’re creating fix & flip pros who can effortlessly find discounted properties and flip them for life-changing profit.

“I hate to say I just spent $8k on flipping home mentorship program 🙁 and I’ve gathered more out of this [free] video….”

-Carlos from Chicago

Say goodbye to lending barriers.

Our CEO started Do Hard Money because of his frustration with the whole lending system—plenty of options for experienced investors with deep pockets, but nothing for someone new.

That’s why we don’t require prior experience, a minimum credit score, or a predetermined down payment. We believe everyone should have a chance at financial freedom.

With you to the end.

From start to finish, you’ll have support from our team. Your journey begins with your investment associate, then with your loan advisor, and finally with your rehab project manager (who will be a former GC).

At each step, you’ll have someone experienced in your corner.

Our #1 goal is your successful flip.

Other lenders are happy to fund your iffy deal knowing they can take back the property if things don’t work out. We’re not in that business. Many of our borrowers come back time and time again because of the unparalleled service we offer.

You form the core of our business, and helping you through multiple successful deals ensures all parties leave happy.

Watch Paula profit $60,000 on her third deal with us:

The real estate investment system designed for anyone, at any experience level, to become a serial fix & flipper.