About Do Hard Money

Do Hard Money is a hard money loan and private money lender, providing short-term funding for real estate investors. We fund investment deals based on the equity of a property, rather than the qualifications of the borrower. Our mission is simple: to help anyone willing to work for it achieve financial freedom through real estate investments. We also provide funding for investors who seek to revitalize real estate within communities, cities and counties throughout the U.S. Real estate revitalization helps stimulate the economy, allowing homeowners, communities, investors and loan lenders to create wealth and improve the quality of life around them. Do Hard Money is proud to be part of the success and solutions real estate investing brings to communities across the country.


Meet Ryan.

We have been in business for over 15 years and not only survived the worst real estate crisis in the history of our country but we also never stopped lending. We helped investors profit during the 2008 recession and also during the Covid-19 pandemic. No matter the market conditions, our system works for new and experienced investors.

Our goal is to fund every good deal that our borrowers bring to us, either through 100% financing, or helping you secure the needed cash-to-close elsewhere. Most of our clients rehab properties for resale while others choose to wholesale properties. Whichever method you prefer, we are here to provide excellent education, monetary funding, and unparalleled service and guidance to assist you through every step of the process. Whether you’re a first-time investor or a fix & flip guru, Do Hard Money can provide everything you need for a successful real estate investment.

Do Hard Money is well-known for providing 100% hard money financing to those who qualify. That means we’ll fund 100% of the purchase property, rehab costs, and other costs and fees for good deals. We also:

  • Do not require any monthly payments for 5 months
  • Do not require previous flips
  • Do not require minimum credit scores for the borrower
  • Do not require tax returns or other financial statements

Our application process is very simple and quick to complete. The overall process takes 5 business days once the loan is in processing and the evaluation process takes an average of 7 business days, totaling an average 12-day closing time.

Do Hard Money is the last of the true hard money lenders, designed by real estate investors for real estate investors.


Do Hard Money is here to help real estate investors succeed.



We are so committed to helping our clients achieve their goals that we will only lend on properties that will yield at least a $10k profit. Our company provides a variety of finding and funding options to help you find and value excellent properties, choosing only the most profitable ones and saving you time and money by weeding out the bad deals ahead of time. Our emphasis as a company is to ensure that our clients are making money. We understand that we make money when you bring us properties to fund—so we’ll help you be great at it.

Come take the first step with us towards true financial freedom!



Do Hard Money has successfully helped hundreds of real estate investors make tremendous profits with their retail and wholesale deals. Over the course of 15+ years, we have seen our borrowers make millions of dollars in profits made and are so pleased to take part in helping people take those first steps toward financial freedom. Thanks to our funding and their investments, we have seen lives change overnight.

Watch how Hunter profited $70k as a first-time flipper with bad credit who was frustrated doing rehab projects for others, or Paula flip THREE homes with us despite a full-time job, kids, and a husband in the military, or Lauren go from a part-time income to well over 6 figures per year (and how she paid $0 cash-to-close). We have dozens more success stories on our YouTube page!


One of the most memorable stories is that of a customer who came to us in very poor financial shape; for the purposes of the story, we’ll call him “Fred.” Fred was behind on his personal house payments and had recently been laid off from his job. He was behind on all of his other loan payments and was on the brink of bankruptcy. Fred contacted Do Hard Money because he had a friend in real estate who found an excellent fix & flip property. Fred did not have any experience selling properties but did have some experience fixing up homes and was very handy. We took a look at the property and saw it had an excellent ARV (after repair value).

Regardless of Fred’s lack of funds or poor credit score, we funded his loan and he was able to fix up the property and sell it for a profit of $20,000. With that money, Fred was able to pay off his creditors and become current on his home payments. Fred was so thrilled that he went and found a new rehab property and brought it to us again. We funded that property and Fred made a profit of $15,000 when he sold it. Fred’s average income was around $40,000 a year before he came to us. And this year, Fred will be making over $100,000. This was all made possible because Do Hard Money was willing to fund profitable deals to people who want to improve their quality of life, just like Fred.

At the end of the day, our work is all about helping people; most importantly, helping people help themselves. Investing in fix & flip properties has a positive effect, boosting the economies and quality of life for neighborhoods and communities. It also provides you with the opportunity to create wealth to accomplish your life goals.