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What is "94 Ways to Find Deeply Discounted Real Estate"?

You're about to gain access to property finding strategies you've never even thought of before... and quite possibly your competitors don't know are available.

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The inability to find deals is the #1 reason "investors" never flip a home... and I want to change that. There's no "one size fits all" strategy. What works for one investor might be something you hate doing... which is why I give you 94 of them. I've personally flipped hundreds of homes, been involved in thousands more, and am friends with many high-powered fix & flippers who own companies. What you're getting inside are the cream of the crop: the strategies we've street-tested for you. The ones that we've thrown into the fire and came out the other side. You now have access to every strategy we've ever used to find a deal.
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"94 Ways to Find Deeply Discounted Real Estate"   The Revolutionary Masterclass for Finding & Flipping Endless Deals...
Inside Of This FREE Download, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given For FREE...

The totally unconventional way a good friend of mine uses moving trucks as her ONLY strategy (and built an empire with it...) Strategy #1


See the most useful tool in my entire arsenal… and a MUST-HAVE to systematically expand your house-flipping enterprise… Strategy #2


One of the craziest FREE methods to get on the radar of motivated sellers (YES it’s an old-school method… but one I’ve been using since the beginning)... Strategy #3


How to capitalize on “lazy” real estate investors looking for quick money… and turn that into $50k OR MORE without spending a single second finding deals... Strategy #5


How to structure a wholesale deal that’s win/win (if you do this right, they’ll bring you properties OVER and OVER again)... Strategy #5


The dead-simple (and underused) way to instantly find other investors ready to assign a new contract over to you. This is wholesaling on a different level... Strategy #6


The WORD for WORD ad copy I use to land massive deals repeatedly… and exactly where I post them (you’ll probably say “no way!” when you hear this one… which is exactly why it works so well.)... Strategy #9


I’ll show you the same strategy that a stranger used to convince my OWN MOTHER to sell her rental property to him… and not to me. (Talk about a painful experience…)... Strategy #13


Exactly where to place those dumb “We Buy Houses” signs. (Hint: I know top real estate investors doing $3 - $5 million PER YEAR just by knowing where to put those things)... Strategy #15


If you’ve got money to burn, I’ll show you the premium places I personally buy leads from to get multiple deals PER MONTH. This is the PERFECT strategy if you’re in a hurry... Strategy #16


How to create your own private army of practically FREE advertisers… and get the word out FAST... Strategy #19


My TOP (nearly forgotten) method of acquiring deals over the past 17 years… (I currently use this to great effect in my real estate funding business to find deep-pocket investors)... Strategy #20


The “frowned-upon” strategy that nets me deals with no competition… and doesn’t cost anything except gas money... Strategy #25


Why lawyers are one of my BEST sources for deals… especially ones in THIS area of expertise. (I’ve had a single lawyer send me 5 deals)... Strategy #29


This conversation-starter is literally as easy as wearing a T-shirt... Strategy #32


Whenever you see THIS sign… you MUST stop and call the number immediately! (I don’t care what you’re doing because this strategy is TOO good to pass up)...  Strategy #34


The SEVEN online marketing methods that should be part of ANY serious investor’s marketing portfolio. (SPEED is the name of the game… and being online keeps you in play for even competitive properties)... Strategies #35-42  


By FAR the easiest & effective way to find disgruntled property owners who’ll practically BEG you to take their property… at 50 cents on the dollar.... Strategy #45


Why I keep an eye out for these forgotten property types… often scooping up deals no one else bothers to look for… Strategy #46  


Why this type of “problem” property results in owners DESPERATE to get the property off their hands… and how to be there at exactly the right moment to snatch it up...  Strategy #52


How to ethically and responsibly profit from properties passed down through an inheritance (warning: if you do this wrong, you’ll be hated, reviled, and lose all future business from a potential goldmine of properties!)... Strategy #53 


How to get deals literally ON THE SPOT… (high budget strategy… but instantaneous!)… Strategy #54


You’ll see exactly which websites I visit to find discounted properties owned by companies dying to get rid of them! (Seriously effective… and free)… Strategy #55


My two “secret weapon” industry people that know literally every property in your area that needs to be rehabbed! Strategy #56


How I bought 10+ properties from a guy named Aaron… including the house I live in. I’ll reveal exactly what he does and how to find your own “cash cow” sending you deal after deal after deal… Strategy #57


The “rare occurrence” deal type that happens only once in a blue moon… but when you see it you MUST jump on it… Strategy #59

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And That's JUST The First 60 Strategies!
You'll Also Get My Entire Toolkit of Websites, Vendors, Ad Copy, Examples, and Downloadable Resources for EACH Strategy!
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