3 Strategies for 100% Financing on Every Rehab Loan

Rehab Financing For Profitable Flips

3-ways-to-100-financing-on-every-rehab-loan3 Ways to 100% Financing on Every Rehab Loan

Most Real Estate Investors dream of that GOLDEN DEAL where they don’t have to put any money in and they can turn around and walk away with a great profit. Is it possible?  Are there Real Estate Investors out there doing this?  Can an Investor really get 100% financing on a Rehab Loan?

I’m here to tell you that it is possible, and it’s definitely happening.  Here are the 3 ways that Real Estate Investors are successfully investing in real estate without using their own money to finance the deal.

1.  Find a Really GOOD… A Really GREAT Deal!

Too many times the deals that come across the desk aren’t even a good deal in fact they’re just plain bad.  I do see plenty of Good Deals that for the right investor it’s a great opportunity to make a solid profit.  Lastly, there’s the great deal that has everything lined up that regardless of your credit, job status or current income you can get 100% financing.

Now here’s the deal,   100% Financing does not mean that you don’t need to have some money to get the deal done.  It means that we’re going to provide you with 100% of the loan amount and 100% of the rehab costs. 100% financing does not cover things like your earnest money, but we can cover your loan costs when the deal is right.

We loan up to 70% of the ARV, so when all of those things – purchase price, rehab costs and loan costs – total less than the 70% you’ll have 100% financing.

2. GAP Funding Through a Line of Credit

The reason the business line of credit is such a good option is because it addresses some of the most common problems faced by investors. Lack of money for earnest money, lack of money for closing costs, lack of money for surprises that may come up after the deal is funded. Rehabbing a property always carries a risk of those surprises, and it is nice to have a way to quickly pay for them and move forward.

3. Wholesale Your Deal!

Sometimes you are faced with a situation where completing the rehab will not work for you, but it is a great deal and you would like to make a profit anyway. Wholesaling the property is your answer. Whether it be that you don’t have time for the rehab itself, or you just don’t have cash on hand for the closing costs and don’t qualify for a line of credit, this is a way to still realize a quick profit. In fact it is a great business model all by itself for some investors, and a great way for new investors or those with bad credit to get started.

We even have a buyers list available for members of our Find-Fund-Flip System to send out these wholesale deals to willing investors.

Taking advantage of all three of these 100% Financing Strategies is exactly what our Find-Fund-Flip is designed to help you do.

Get Pre-Qualified

What Do We Offer With Our Rehab Funding?

100% Financing Available

If your deal is good enough we’ll fund your purchase, rehab, points, interest, & closing costs.

No Pre-Payment Penalty

When you complete your rehab ahead of schedule we refund you money and you make more profit.

No Payments for 5 Months

We want you to keep the focus on completing rehab work, not worrying about making monthly payments.

No Credit or Experience Required

You can still get a loan even with zero experience and a poor credit score.

No Minimum Down Payment

No down payment when all your costs fit within 70% of the ARV.

100% Rehab Funding Available In The Following States



















New Hampshire 

New Jersey 

New Mexico

North Carolina




Rhode Island

South Carolina 







DoHardMoney recently reviewed the numbers and discovered that the average profit for our borrowers was $33,578*. We come to that number after we have subtracted all of the loan costs, holding costs and selling costs. You can read more about it here.

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6 thoughts on “3 Strategies for 100% Financing on Every Rehab Loan”

  1. Hi,

    I am interested in your lending programs and was wondering if you lend to foreign nationals.

    I am using a US LLC to purchase properties.

    If you are then get back to me.



  2. Hey Ryan,

    Do you currently loan in KS yet? If not, I’m willing to buy in other states that you do loan in if I have too! I’m also interested in the 100% financing, no money down opportunity or open to learn how to do this in my area.

  3. Randy,

    At the moment, we are not able to lend directly in KS. However, we do have financing options available for Kansas through business lines of credit. BLCs have many advantages, even over hard money loans.

    For 100% financing through us, you would have to invest in one of our preferred financing states for the time being.

    We are currently working on some new financing products that will make 100% financing possible in all 50 states. Keep checking back!

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