2017’s Top 10 Cities to Invest Worldwide

We’ve heard all about the Top Cities to Invest in the United States, but what if we wanted to invest on a more global scale? Do Hard Money scoured the most recent information to bring you 2017’s Top 10 Cities to Invest Worldwide.

We gathered information from the 3rd annual Schroders Global Cities 30 Index, released on June 26th. Schroders, a London-based investment bank, uses a number of factors to identify global cities with the most economic strength. Therefore, they pinpoint the most lucrative cities in which to invest in 2017. Schroders research the following variables in collecting their data:

  • Population Aged 15 and Over – This identifies the demand for goods and services, such as real estate.
  • Median Household Income – This factor holds a correlation to rent and mortgage-paying ability.
  • University Ranking – Statistics prove higher quality graduates improve the economic strength of a city, gaining higher-paying jobs and fueling positive demand in the city.
  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – This variable measures purchaser prices, less the value of goods and services, thereby determining the city’s productivity. The more productive a city, the greater the demand for real estate.
1. Los Angeles, California

As 2017 progressed, Los Angeles took a flying leap on the list from 6th place to 1st place. Currently, investments in single-family rental properties have weak potential due to higher home prices. However, opportunities are ripe right now for fix-and-flips, since housing prices will go up over the next couple of years. You can also currently find a higher number of foreclosure properties, which will typically sell for discounted prices.

2. London, England

A historic opportunity to buy UK properties at bargain prices recently presented itself. Due to the fact that the monetary value of the British pound grows weaker, UK homes are now 10% less expensive in dollar terms. In addition to this advantage, the real estate market in the UK predicts home prices in central London to fall by 6% this year and remain flat. This gives you a very rare chance to pick up some phenomenally-located properties at a huge discount.

3. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston saw the biggest change in 2017, jumping from 24th place on the list to 3rd place. This is mainly due to the fact that Boston real estate recently became a strongly appreciating investment. While other markets can become stagnant or decrease in value, investments in the Boston area continue to grow in profit. We’ve seen both fix-and-flips and longer-term real estate investment opportunities thrive recently in Boston and the surrounding areas.

4. Chicago, Illinois

Like Los Angeles, Chicago also jumped ahead in 2017 from 10th place to 4th place. Not surprising at all, considering Chicago’s recent incredible fix-and-flip track record. Do Hard Money funded 20 deals in Chicago in the past six months alone, each more profitable than the last. Many invest in Chicago properties because of the city’s stable, diverse economy, excellent growth and promising yields. To check out one of our profitable Chicago deals, click here.

5. New York City, New York

New York City holds a reputation for being one of the most expensive cities in which to live. So, why invest in New York City properties? The answer is simple – NYC is the most populous city in the United States. Plus, it’s a global hub of international business and commerce. Though housing prices are high, there will always be a demand for homes. Therefore, if you can find a property with a motivated seller (foreclosure, auction, short sale or probate situation), you can make a huge profit in NYC fix-and-flips.

6. Hong Kong, China

Currently, Hong Kong sports a red-hot property market. According to globalpropertyguide.com, house prices tripled from 2003 to 2015 and the city’s residential property price index soared 14.29% over the past year. A combination of strict government development regulations and low interest rates propel the housing demand and the supply of land continues to diminish. Therefore, you can make a great deal of profit off of a fix-and-flip as long as it’s in a great area.

7. Houston, Texas

When it comes to population, Houston certainly isn’t ever lacking. Not only is it the fourth most populous city in the US, but it’s also the most diverse city. Houston also boasts thriving business, international trade, entertainment and technology. With employment booming in this city, there is a great demand for housing currently in Houston. Therefore, fix-and-flips are a fantastic investment. With recent natural disasters hitting Houston, there are also many excellent opportunities to improve neighborhoods by rehabbing properties, all while pocketing an excellent return on your investment. And did you know that Do Hard Money funds deals directly in Texas? Click here to check out our profitable Texas funded properties.

8. Melbourne, Australia

Housing currently experiences a great demand in Melbourne. According to Domain.com.au, “House prices in Melbourne grew 103% over the past decade.” As a result, fix-and-flips on the lower end became significantly more popular. You can find an excellent investment opportunity in a good area and rehab and resell it for a fantastic profit.

9. Pulau Ujong, Singapore

Singapore developed into an active hub for real estate investment since 2002. According to Patrick Brenner, head of Multi Asset Investments in Asia, “Given the advantageous tax structure of REITs (real estate investment trusts), they’ve become an important component of income-oriented strategy.” Many have taken advantage of the numerous rehab opportunities in Singapore due to yielding massive returns on their investments.

10. Shanghai, China

Though Shanghai currently sees excellent profits from real estate rehabs, there are many factors to take into consideration before investing there. First of all, non-residents are not allowed to purchase Chinese real estate. Anthony Course, managing director in the Shanghai office of global real estate consultants Jones/Lang/Lasalle, states, “According to government regulations, individual foreign buyers need to demonstrate that they have worked in China for at least a year and are buying the residence for self use.” It’s also important to remember that China is a communist country. Therefore, the government officially owns all the land and individuals merely maintain the right to use the land.

Honorary Mentions:

Though these cities didn’t quite make it onto the top 10 list, they do deserve honorary mention. Seattle, WA, number 13 on the list, boasts very lucrative real estate investment opportunities. Also found in the top 20 are Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX And did we happen to mention that Do Hard Money funds deals directly in each of these cities? In fact, if you find a property there or already have one in mind, you can quickly and easily get pre-qualified for a hard money loan. 

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