Ask a Hard Money Lender

13 Questions You Need to Ask Any Hard Money Lender to Put Them in The Hot Seat When you are in the residential rehab-and-resale business you stand to LOSE or GAIN a lot of money. There are a lot of risks and even MORE rewards… if you do it right. One of your primary risks is the very people that are making your deal happen… the hard money lender. The worst thing you can do is assume that all lenders care about you and your profits. You are dealing with a business that funds multiple deals every day… and the sad fact is that many lenders don’t care if you make money. Here are 13 questions that will turn the tables, put you in control, and put the lender in the hot seat.

As you can see… we have YOUR best interest in mind. We’re not looking for a short-term gain. We want a long-term mutually-beneficial relationship with honest individuals like you who will work as hard as we do to achieve success. Our mission is to “Open the Door to Financial Freedom”…. and we mean it. We want you to succeed the first time so you’ll come back a second and third and tell all your friends and family about your success.

ask a hard money lender