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Welcome to DoHardMoney.com... one of the nation’s leading hard money lenders. Our sole purpose as a Hard Money Lender is to help drive Real Estate Investors toward their financial success. To fulfill our mission, we start by providing investors with the fastest and easiest access to private money loans and hard money loans in the industry.

Because our hard money loans are secured by real estate, you can expect equity-based loan approval on every deal. If the deal is good, the funding is yours.

When investors fund their deals with DoHardMoney, they get real estate loans truly designed to fit their needs. Experience funding in as little as 14 business days, no payments during the initial term, and 100% financing options.

Here are some of the Real Estate Investing Services that we offer:

    • Funding in as little as 14 business days.
    • Up to 100% financing available.
    • Equity based hard money lender.

    What exactly does that mean to you? As long as we can see upon evaluation of the property that you will make a profit doing a fix and flip you can get a loan for hard money regardless of...Learn More »

    • Access to Proof of Funds 24/7
    • Unlimited Proof of Funds Letters
    • FREE Proof of Funds Letters

    The first step in getting a Hard Money Loan is getting a property under contract. Proof of Funds Letters submitted with your offers lets the Seller know you have the funds to make the purchase... Learn More »

    • Property Under Contract - APPLY NOW
    • Get Funded for your Fix and Flip
    • NO FEES or money required to apply

    It's really simple to get started and approved for a loan... All you have to do is fill out the short one page hard money loan application next...Apply Now »

Real Estate Investing Support

At DoHardMoney, we believe that our duty extends beyond that of simply lending funds. In addition to our private money lender services, we offer free real estate investing tips and tools to give investors everything they need to be successful.

Whether it’s your first fix and flip or your twentieth, we think you will find the tools and information below helpful. Click the tiles to learn more.