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Then you’ve come to the right place… We’ve helped thousands of beginners learn the ropes and avoid the most common pitfalls. Our 100% Financing System includes everything you need to become a pro investor… including access to our capital to cover 100% of your deal.

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Haven’t had much luck digging through the MLS? Don’t worry… you’re not alone. This is the first big hurdle to most investors, but we have expert solutions to help you rise above the competition and find properties the way the pros do… with high margins and low competition.

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You’ve got a property and we’ve got the money… that’s what you’re looking for right? Well you’re in luck… you can apply for free in just minutes and get all the preliminary details like loan amount, cash-to-close, loan costs, and more. Then you can decide to move forward.

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What is a “Hard Money” loan?  That’s a good question, but contrary to a popular myth it’s not because it’s “hard” to get. Traditional real estate loans like a personal mortgage are based on the borrower’s personal ability to repay the loan. This is measured by things like personal earnings, debt to income ratio, and credit score. These are all intangible or “soft” assets. Hard money loans, on the other hand, are based on a “hard” asset or the value of the property, so we don’t ask for documentation of income or any of that messy stuff. We will do a soft pull on your credit and it may have an impact on rates, but it will never prevent you from getting a loan.

I have completed one project using funding from Do Hard Money. It is a great resource because it allows the investor to fund a flip with no money down and no payments. They also provide very helpful software and tools to help evaluate deals and the profit potential.

Latrice Thomas, Atlanta, GA
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Hard money loans are regulated a bit differently in each state. We only lend to business entities on non-owner occupied properties… we are not a mortgage company… think of it more like a business loan. We lend to businesses so they can purchase an asset that they will use to generate a profit… it just so happens that asset is a home.

Unfortunately, some states treat our loans like a regular residential mortgage for a primary residence even though we operate very differently. This requires a whole lot of messy paperwork, bureaucratic red tape, and hassle that makes doing a loan nearly impossible. We’re still working on navigating the mess so we can open up other states., so if you don’t see your state on the list… just register on the site and we’ll send you an email when your state opens up.

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Looking for a hard money lender that has experience in your state?… Here are just a few of our recently funded deals so you can get a taste of what we’ve done in your state. If you’re not seeing something in your area… don’t worry… there’s lots more where this came from. Just give us a call and we’ll send you some HUDs of properties we’ve funded close by.

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