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There is certainly no shortage of Utah hard money lenders that you can choose from.  So what makes one different from another?

In this article, you are going to discover two key differences that will help you to evaluate and pick the right hard money lender in Utah for your specific deal.

But before I get into those, let’s set aside the obvious factor everyone looks at when getting a loan.  The interest rate.

Why are we putting that factor out?

Because everyone knows about it and there really isn’t a need to discuss interest rates in detail.  Also, the interest rate may not be the most important factor you use to determine the lender you choose…

You see, the interest rate really only has an effect on your profit margins.  It doesn’t have any effect on whether you’ll be successful with your investment.

You could have the lowest interest rate imaginable, but if you default because something went wrong, it doesn’t matter that you had a low interest rate.

Would you rather pay an 18% interest rate and walk away with a $20,000 check after selling the home or get foreclosed on an 8% interest loan?

Big difference, right?

Now that I think we are both on the same page, let’s discuss these two critical differences between Utah hard money lenders that can play a major role in your success.

Difference #1 – Flexibility

Many businesses that claim to be hard money lenders aren’t following the true definition of loaning hard money.  A real hard money loan is given based solely on the credentials of the property being invested in – NOT on the credentials of the borrower.

If a lender requires a certain credit score and other “traditional” lending criteria to get you a loan, they are more than likely selling off your loan to a bank or Wall Street.

That means they will not service your loan.  If you’ve done any previous investing in real estate, you know that things can go wrong quickly and you need to adapt.

You won’t get the flexibility from a bank that you need.  Whereas a real hard money lender in Utah will fund and service your loan.  They will work with you  and be flexible when you need it because they want to help you be successful.

Difference #2 – Property Evaluations

Every hard money lender has a different way of determining the amount that they will lend on a property.  Some will use online resources like Zillow.com and tax records only.  Others will send out an independent, certified evaluator to look at the property and comps in the area.

A hard money lender that wants you to succeed will look have 2 or more evaluators looking at the property and will also review multiple comps.

Coming up with an after repaired value that is most accurate is the key to success in flipping homes.  If the lender can see that you won’t make money based on their review of the property, they won’t give you a loan.

They’ll do this even though they could provide you a loan and make their ends without caring about you.

At DoHardMoney.com we offer the flexibility you need with our loans.  When we evaluate properties, we send out two – three independent evaluators that return back reports with 18 comps.

We will only lend to you if we can see by the numbers that you will make a profit.

You can see our different loan programs and timeline to funding by clicking this button: 

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