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I’ve been getting many people asking questions similar to the one that I’m highlighting this week:

“Where do I start? I have tons of real estate investing education materials in my library. Some suggest it’s wholesaling, another says short sales, another says reverse short sales, auctions, etc.”

If you have been following my blog or watching any of my videos over the last year, you more than likely have heard my story about starting investing in real estate…

But in case you haven’t, let me spill the beans again.

When I first started my quest to become a real estate investor, I was a broke and credit-less 21 year old kid.  I got overwhelmed with information trying to figure out what to do and how to get the money I needed.  One guru said to do tax lien certificates, another said to flip short sales, yet another said to buy 4 plexes and rent them out and the list goes on and on…

The bottom line was that everyone recommended different tactics and different ways of doing them.  This just made me more confused and more unsure where to start or what to do next.

I relentlessly searched for the answers and ended up wasting more and more of my time and money buying, reading and listening to course after course after course.

I neglected my family, my health and pretty much everything during this time – that is everything except for the day job I absolutely loathed but had to keep in order to pay the bills…

Not finding the answers to my questions made me want to look even more than I was before!  So I started frantically jumping from one guru to the next, one supposed solution to the next.  Pretty much 24/7 my mind was racing around trying to answer:

How can I make this work?  What was I doing wrong?

It sure didn’t take long for me to end up suffering from a severe case of information overload.  Everywhere I looked, my computer, my desktop, my truck all were plastered with courses, books and CD’s.

And everything seemed more difficult and less effective than it was promised and sold to me.  Everything sounded so simple when it was sold to me, so I’d buy it, but I could never make any of it work.  I never could get the money they told me was so easily available…

Every time I bought something I thought this was going to be the ticket, this was going to finally help me break the success ceiling and help me get through to the other side.

I firmly believed it.  I can remember the numerous times that I promised my wife this next purchase was what I was missing and everything would change for the better after I bought it.

But it never worked out that way.

I never got the results I hoped for because people were selling me pipe dreams and taking advantage of my desperation.  They were preying off my strong desire to make things work, not only for me but my family and everyone around me.

And let me tell you that it got even worse.  As time progressed on and on it just kept getting worse – the cycle of disappointment, the cycle of feeling overloaded, the cycle of spending more and more of my life trying to unsuccessfully figure this thing out.

It got to the point where I started to ask the question: What’s wrong with me?

I read about and see all these people who are striking it rich in real estate and I think I’m at least as smart, if not smarter than them, so what’s wrong with me?

I just can’t seem to make this work.  What am I doing wrong?

In the back of my mind, I was frightened by what the answer might be.  I knew I was disappointing my family and was flat out worried that I’d never break through.  That I’d be stuck as a disappointment for the rest of my life.

Eventually I stopped believing in myself anymore.

You see, when you lose all hope, everything weighs on you so much heavier, you can’t help but become depressed.

And that was my sad and pathetic introduction to real estate investing.  That was my first 18 months attempting to be a real estate investors and it was quite literally the worst time of my life.

But no matter how difficult and miserable it was, I never gave up.  And thank goodness for that because you just never know when you are going to have the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

Looking back I realize that my story is not unique.  In fact, it’s almost the common experience of many people who try to get into this game.

The problem that I experienced and that you are experiencing right now is called “information paralysis”.  You’ve spent so much time gathering real estate investing education materials that it’s actually prevented you from taking the action that you need to be successful.

Let me be very clear.  You can make good money with just about any of the real estate investment strategies out there!

What made the most difference for me was critically analyzing each of the strategies available and making a list of pros and cons for my particular situation.

I also wanted to utilize a strategy that could leverage my strengths.  Based on that analysis, I choose doing fix and flips.

That’s really how you get started.  Find the strategy that fits for you.  Then take action on the training you have.  Albert Einstein has this saying that I absolutely love – he said “nothing happens until something moves”.

If you think about it, that phrase applies to every facet of life.  You’re NEVER going to achieve your goals if you don’t move and take action.  Sure, you might fail, but let me ask you this…

Who is the bigger failure – the man who takes action and attempts something unsuccessfully or the man who never takes action and regrets it for the rest of his life?

Now if you’ve identified fix and flip investing as the strategy you want to start moving forward with as a real estate investor, the next step is figuring out how & where you can get the money to do your deals (unless you have at least $10,000 in the bank and good credit to start on your own).

That’s easily the biggest reason that people come to my website.  We can help you get into deals without using any money of your own – even if you have bad credit!

However, there’s an important component to doing deals with no money out of pocket that you have to understand.  It’s something that the vast majority of gurus NEVER talk about, well that is unless you fork over to them at least $30,000…

I put together this free video that reveals the #1 secret to getting 100% financing on your deals… regardless of credit, job history or current income.

You can watch the video right now by simply clicking the button below:

real estate investing education


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  1. HouseFlippingMike Says:

    Mindset I believe is more important than anything in investing in real estate and your points on self doubt, I think we’ve all been through. What do you do to counter it? Seems corny, but I read Napoleon Hill’s book for the 17th time. Best, mike

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