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Uncategorized | July 18th, 2014
When you are in the residential rehab-and-resale business you stand to LOSE or GAIN a lot of money. There are a lot of risks and even MORE rewards....(Read More)
Uncategorized | June 15th, 2014
Let’s face it... not every lender is created equal. To be clear... we are NOT trying to point fingers here and bad talk EVERY other hard money lende...(Read More)
Uncategorized | March 28th, 2014
  Most investors dream about making their own real estate investing website, but I've noticed that they rarely do it because of two obstacle...(Read More)
Uncategorized | February 21st, 2014
Investors tend to see their real estate agents as one of two things: #1 Necessary Evils, or #2 Vital Assets If you can pardon the leading question...(Read More)
Our aim affects everything we do in life. By "aim," I mean any time we work toward a goal. When we focus on hitting specific goals, we're much more...(Read More)
Uncategorized | June 12th, 2013
As a Real Estate Investor and a Hard Money Lender I’ve had the benefit of seeing multiple aspects of the business.  And as a result I’ve been abl...(Read More)
Uncategorized | May 30th, 2013
How do you start out your conversations when you're talking to a potential seller? Do you introduce yourself as a Real Estate Investor? I've see...(Read More)
Uncategorized | May 3rd, 2013
What if you could pick the brains of seasoned, successful real estate agents? What kinds of questions would you ask them, and what type of advice do y...(Read More)
Uncategorized | April 6th, 2013
Have you ever had one of your offers rejected?   Your answer had better be "C'mon Ryan are you kidding me?" In fact, if you're trying to b...(Read More)
Uncategorized | March 21st, 2013
When it comes to Real Estate Investing one of the most crucial elements for Real Estate Investors is their ability to accurately evaluate the value of...(Read More)